In the vagina, which is located in the inner part of the genital area, vaginoplasty can be performed as a result of loosening of the muscles in the vagina.

Vagina narrowing surgery, which is the most preferred choice among all surgeries under vaginal aesthetics, is performed quite successfully today. This surgery, is preferred especially if loosening of the vagina occurs after normal delivery.

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    What is Vaginoplasty?

    Vaginoplasty is performed in order to bring the vaginal muscles to their ideal size. The expansion of the vagina muscles may cause a number of dissatisfaction in sexual life. This situation which causes problems in terms of leads to negative results for both men and women. The width of the vagina may cause the vagina to not be sufficiently moistened by loss of sensation. The fact that the vagina is not humid enough can cause pain during sexual intercourse. For all these reasons, vaginal tightening surgery is frequently preferred.

    What are causes of vagina enlargement?

    Vagina enlargement may occur for many reasons, especially for birth. During delivery, the vaginal canal expands in extreme size. For this reason, it is possible to apply surgical incisions to some women. If the incisions are not sutured properly, this can lead to vaginal expansion. Conditions such as giving birth to a large number of people, having a baby’s excess weight are among the reasons for vaginal expansion.

    How is Vaginoplasty performed?

    In this operation performed by cutting the back wall in the vagina, the excess tissue is removed from this wall. As a result of the closure of the region where the cut is carried out, the process is completed. After that, sewing is carried out by means of self-melting ropes without any intervention. The buffer placed in the area where the incision is present is usually removed after 24 hours.

    It is also possible to perform additional operations if needed by the physician during the vaginal tightening operation and if deemed appropriate by the doctor. Deformities in the vagina and vulva of the patients can be successfully eliminated during the operation. This can be decided during the examination. If the person has such a request, it should be determined by the expert whether the procedures are appropriate or not. If appropriate, contraction of the vagina can be achieved in a single operation and deformities in the vagina and vulva can be successfully removed.

    Sexual Life After Vaginoplasty

    Vaginoplasty directly affects sexual life. This situation that leads to dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse is the first one and a half months of people to stay away from sexual life. Otherwise, expansion of the vagina will become inevitable. In addition to the possibility of enlargement, if the first one and a half months of sexual intercourse in the region is likely to get infected. It is recommended to use lubricant only in the first sexual intercourse following surgery. This will reduce the feeling of pain that may occur. It is possible to see differences in sexual life after surgery. It is known that many women have less sexual reluctance after surgery. Thus, couples have a happier sexual life after surgery.

    Vagina Tightening Exercise

    The vagina muscles work similarly to the muscles in other parts of the body. For this reason, muscles should be squeezed and relaxed like other muscles during the day. People with vaginal contractions who may develop due to reasons such as the development of their age and delivery may apply some exercises. The most common of these exercises are known as Kegel Exercises. Muscles in the vagina, like all muscles in the body, should also be operated. During the exercise many women operate the abdominal and thigh muscles instead of the pelvic muscles. The method needs to be learned and applied correctly. The pelvic muscles are weakened by the birth of women and their age. Exercises are very effective in controlling and strengthening the muscles. These exercises that strengthen the vagina muscles should be done regularly. However, people who want to achieve the most effective and lasting result should always apply for vaginoplasty.

    Vaginoplasty and Labioplasty

    Vaginoplasty can combined labioplasty. During labioplasty, the inner lips in the genital area are cut and reduced in an aesthetic manner. Lips sagging due to deformation and large lips can be quite uncomfortable. The operation does not cause any obstacles in the pregnancy. The operation performed due to symmetrical lips can be applied with vaginoplasty if requested. If these two surgeries are performed together, after about two hours, the vagina width problems will be eliminated. However, the genital lips are symmetrical.

    Vaginoplasty Surgery Risks

    It is known that the risks that may occur during vaginal tightening surgery are generally caused by anesthesia. Although it is rarely seen in vaginal tightening surgery as in all operations, there is a risk of infection. It is therefore necessary for the person to pay attention to the hospital’s sterile conditions and to follow the recommendations of the doctor against the risk of infection. Another risk of surgery is known to be bleeding. These risks are rarely seen due to the advanced techniques used today. However, it should be kept in mind that people should pay attention to performing the surgery where these risks may occur at the least.

    After Vaginoplasty

    There is no harm in taking a shower after the operation, but especially for the first month a person should not bathe in the bathtub. After surgery, the person should pay special attention to hygienic retention of the vagina. As the sewing process is carried out with melting ropes after a period of time spontaneously during the operation, the person will not need to take care of the sutures. However, it is advisable that the person is regularly checked by a doctor in case of any kind. It is advisable to use antibiotics and painkillers by the doctor after the operation according to the condition of the person. One-and-a-half months post-operative recovery can be said to have taken place literally.

    People should avoid entering the pool in the first month due to the possibility of catching germs. However, people should not go to the sauna for the first month. Performing the operation will not lead to any differences in the menstrual cycle. At the same time, there will be no obstacles for women to become pregnant. But it should not be forgotten that giving birth will lead to expansion of the vagina. In particular, it is inevitable that vaginal dilatation will occur in the birth of infants and twin babies. Therefore, people are advised to consult vaginal tightening if they do not plan for pregnancy.In addition, people who plan a pregnancy but who want to perform the surgery may prefer cesarean delivery instead of normal birth. Thus, there will be no enlargement of the vagina.

    People can return to their daily life in the first week after surgery. However, it should be remembered that the vagina must take a month and a half to fully recover.