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Peeling Applications

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Peeling, a skin cleansing procedure, allows the removal of dead cells on the skin surface. Different types of peeling are applied for different skin types. Considering the problems on the face, chemical, physical, laser, and natural peeling methods can be preferred. With the peeling process, both exfoliation of the skin and deep cleaning can be achieved. Chemical peeling is performed with a solution applied to the skin, physical peeling with a brush or a similar abrasive object, laser peeling with laser beams, and natural peeling with masks prepared entirely from natural materials.

When successfully applied, the peeling process eliminates the barrier of dead cells on the skin and helps new cells to emerge. As the skin gets rid of dead cells, using a moisturizer suitable for the skin type allows them to penetrate more easily and achieve more effective results. If you want your skin to always look clean and healthy, you need to perform peeling regularly.

So, what is peeling, an extremely effective method for cleaning dirt and dead skin in skin pores, and what are the advantages of regular peeling applications?

Nombre de Séances :
2 - 4 Sessions
Durée de L'opération :
30 Minutes
Saison :
All Except Summer
Hospitalisation :
Not Required
Période de Sensibilité :
1 Day
Temps de Récupération :
Anesthésie :
Durabilité des Résultats :
1 - 1,5 years

What is Peeling?

Peeling, which means "to peel" in English, is a procedure that involves peeling off the skin layer and cleaning the dirt accumulated in the pores using chemical, physical, or natural materials. It is also the most effective method for cleaning unseen dead skin and clogged pores. Peeling after the procedure allows the skin to breathe, and also prevents potential skin damage. Long-term peeling treatment is effective in removing wrinkles and blemishes on the face. Thus, more expensive medical aesthetic procedures such as face lifting can be delayed.

Peeling can be done at home using natural materials, but it can also be done by using more professional tools and equipment under the control of a physician. It has a success rate of close to 100% when performed by experts and experienced physicians for both oily and dry skin types. If you want to get a comprehensive answer to the question "What is carbon peeling?" and make an appointment for peeling, you can contact us now.

What are the Types of Peeling?

Different types of peeling can be applied according to different skin types and skin problems. Chemical, physical, laser, and natural peeling are the four groups of peeling that can be examined. Only one method can be used among the different peeling types, or several methods can be used together. So what do peeling methods do and which one is the most effective method to get rid of dirt and dead skin on the skin?

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Chemical Peeling

It is the peeling procedure performed by applying a solution to the skin for exfoliating dead skin and deep cleaning. Alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, and trichloroacetic acid are the most commonly used agents in chemical peeling. These agents not only produce skin regeneration but also trigger collagen and elastin production, which allows the skin to renew and gain brightness. Chemical peeling can be performed with three different methods: superficial, medium, and deep:

Superficial Chemical Peeling

In this peeling procedure, applied to the epidermis, mild skin tone differences, blemishes, dryness, acne, and fine wrinkles on the skin can be eliminated. Chemical peeling is usually performed with 4 to 8 sessions at intervals of 1 to 4 weeks. Mild redness and burning after application are considered normal.

Medium-Depth Chemical Peeling

This peeling procedure is applied to the epidermis and upper dermis and is performed with 2 to 4 sessions at intervals of 2 to 4 months.

Deep Chemical Peeling

In this peeling procedure, the middle dermal cells of the skin are targeted along with the dermis and epidermis. Deep chemical peeling is performed in a single session and requires a longer session time compared to standard peeling sessions.

Light peeling is also a chemical application. In this procedure, the skin is neutralized or cleansed through a solution applied to the skin. Light peeling is performed by professional teams with 4 to 6 sessions.

Physical Peeling

In the physical peeling procedure, special materials such as sponges or brushes are used. This procedure can also involve the use of special gels and chemicals. Dead skin is removed from the skin, and a much brighter and moisturized skin is created.

Laser Peeling

Laser beams are highly effective in many medical aesthetic procedures, including peeling. Even in areas such as around the eyes and lips, where natural methods cannot reach, a deep cleaning can be achieved. Different wavelengths of laser devices allow peeling to be performed on different skin types. Carbon peeling, performed using thulium laser or fractional laser, supports both deep cleansing and collagen production.

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Natural Peeling

Natural peeling is a skin cleansing procedure carried out entirely using natural materials. Masks prepared with various ingredients such as eggs, olive oil, tomatoes, and coffee are used in this method. This is a superficial peeling method, and the masks are left on the face for approximately 5 minutes and then washed with warm water. It is important to note that peeling application must be performed under the control of a specialist doctor for your skin type.

Algae Peeling

In addition to all the above applications, algae peeling is also one of the natural peeling methods. However, this method should be applied by expert physicians, not at home. In this method, called algae peeling or algae peeling, a content consisting of 12 different algae is massaged in circular motions and pushed into the skin, supporting the formation of new cells. Algae peeling recipients may feel dryness on the skin, so they should use the moisturizing creams recommended by the doctor and drink plenty of water.

How is Peeling Done?

Different techniques are used for peeling, so each method has different procedural steps. Nevertheless, regardless of the method used, some rules to be followed will increase the effectiveness of the procedure. Important details to be known before performing peeling are as follows:

  • Peeling is not only a facial procedure; it can also be done on the neck and arms, and foot peeling also helps the skin to regenerate,
  • Whatever the method, the peeling product should be selected according to the skin type,
  • If there are problems such as wounds, infections, or discoloration on your skin, you should consult a dermatologist before applying the procedure,
  • Removing the barrier caused by dead skin cells and dirt on the skin makes the skin sensitive and vulnerable to environmental effects. For example, if you need to be exposed to the sun after the application, use sunscreen,
  • Before starting the deep cleaning process with peeling, wash your skin and soften the dirt and dead skin in the pores with a steam bath.

All peeling procedures, including carbon peeling, should be performed by professional physicians. If you want to get a firsthand answer to the question "What is chemical peeling?" and get information about its effects, you can call us now.

Peeling Selection According to Skin Type

The details of the peeling procedure are determined according to your skin type. Undergoing peeling treatment suitable for your skin type will protect you from potential irritation and similar problems. It will also increase the success of the application. Things to know about different skin types are as follows:

  • For dry skin types, peeling products with a high oil content and moisturizing effect should be preferred. Avoid products with high alcohol content or application of such products. For dry skin types, one application per week is sufficient, but two applications can be done if necessary.
  • People with normal skin can apply peeling two to three times a week to have a bright and clean skin. Products and applications containing anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients can be preferred.
  • For combination skin, the cheek area is usually dry, and moisturizing content can be preferred for this area. However, the application should be performed two times a week, mainly targeting the T-zone.
  • For sensitive skin, peeling should be done once a week with light and small-grained products. Avoiding high alcohol content, harsh chemicals, or large-grained products will be beneficial. Otherwise, it may harm the skin.

If you want to see positive results and protect your skin during peeling applications, you should decide on the application method and products after a doctor's examination!

What are the Benefits of Peeling Application?

One of the main reasons for the widespread popularity of peeling is that it produces effective results. This method has many advantages, and the benefits it provides to individuals are as follows:

  • Removing the barrier caused by dead skin cells and dirt allows new skin cells to emerge,
  • Moisturizers and skin-nourishing products penetrate the skin more effectively, resulting in more effective results,
  • Blackheads, pimples, and acne on the skin are removed,
  • Problems such as hyperpigmentation are eliminated,
  • The skin not only becomes lively and bright but also tightens,
  • Wrinkles on the skin are eliminated, and the pores become smaller and the skin becomes smooth.

With all these advantages, peeling is among the applications that both women and men perform regularly. Thanks to these applications, you can have a much more vibrant and lively skin.

Peeling Prices

By this point, you should have found answers to questions such as "How is peeling done?" and "How does peeling affect the body?" Another important issue regarding peeling is the price. However, to get any information about the price, you first need to have a medical examination by an expert physician.

Several factors determine peeling prices. The most important among them is your skin type and the type of peeling to be applied according to your skin type. For example, in deep chemical peeling procedures, the session time is much longer, which directly affects the price. Similarly, the quality of the peeling products used also determines the price. If you want to get detailed information about peeling applications, make an appointment for a consultation, and plan your treatment process under the supervision of an expert physician, you can reach us through our communication channels.

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