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Aesthetic Problems After Childbirth

For women, pregnancy is one of the most special periods in their lives, changes occur in the body. Since the changes in the body during pregnancy will occur slowly, people are not affected by this situation. However, weight and body changes that are not given after birth may cause the person to have complaints about his body. Often, changes in body size occur as a result of twin pregnancy. Apart from this, changes in body sizes occur rarely. The main causes of postpartum aesthetic problems are;

  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Increase in the number of births
  • Renal diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Lack of exercise
  • Wrong nutrition
  • Among the aesthetic problems experienced postpartum; the loss of volume in the breast, the sagging of the breast, the appearance of cracks in the abdomen, the occurrence of sagging in the abdomen, the presence of spots in the face are located.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Eight out of ten patients consult plastic surgeons due to the problems they experience in the breast. The breasts of people with small breasts become smaller once again during the breastfeeding period, and in some women do not satisfy the appearance. These women should first be examined by a plastic surgeon. During the examination, the size of the nipple and the shape of the nipple are taken into account. Then, the most appropriate surgical technique is determined.

In cases where the breast is small, the nipple and the structure is suitable, and the breast prosthesis will give the breast a desired appearance. While the fullness and volume of the breast are increased, sags are also successfully removed. In some women, the nipple may be below what it should be. In this case, the breast prosthesis is taken together with the excess of the breast skin. In this way, the nipple is taken up to the position that should be taken. In this operation, it is possible to have more scars than the breast augmentation surgery. However, because these traces are concealable, people will not have any problems.

Women who do not have any problems with breasts before the birth of sagging, can affect because of after pregnancy problems a lot. From the result of sagging, the nipple hangs down from the position where it should be. For these people, breast collection surgery is quite appropriate. Silicone is not inserted into the breast during this operation.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Differences in breast tissue after breastfeeding are inevitable. This situation can affect people quite a lot. In some cases, women may resort to breast reduction surgery. It is also possible to remove sagging with breast reduction during this operation. For breast reduction surgery, the plastic surgeon takes the patient’s age, body structure and breast size into consideration. The patient should explain in detail the expectations of the plastic surgeon. Then, the person is given the necessary information by the examination. The surgery is quite successful.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominal deformities caused by the expansion of the abdominal muscles after birth can disturb people quite a lot. The most common problem is abdomen cracks. For people who has sagging problems in the abdomen, a mini-abdomen can be successfully applied by a plastic surgeon. After the operation, the trace can be hidden by underwear. If there are deformities in the belly hole and sagging in the belly, full tummy tuck surgery can be performed. The surgery can also be concealed by underwear.

Abdominal Problems

The scars seen after the birth have a pink color. After a year, pink colored cracks will turn into white. A large part of the scars can be removed during tummy tuck surgery. For the scars in the waist region and the upper part of the belly, different treatment methods may be necessary.  

Body Blemishes  

The problems experienced during pregnancy include the darkening of the genital area, the mid-abdomen and the nipples of the abdomen. In some women, some different problems may occur even in the facial region. In some women this condition is spontaneous after breastfeeding. Women who do not go through may need to be supported by the surgeon. Body blemishes treatment can be performed successfully today. Very good results will be obtained if a plastic surgeon who is qualified in his/her field performs in a fully equipped health facility.

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