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Cellulite, which is one of the issues that women fight most, can be quickly and effectively eliminated thanks to the new Emtone technology. With this method, which contributes such as reducing fat deposits and increasing the amount of collagen in the body, it is possible to achieve the desired look by saying goodbye to the bad look.

The effective results taken by Emtone method around the world have lead to the complete phase-out of old treatment methods. As it is known, subcutaneous fat tissue weakening and expansion results in a pitted appearance on the skin surface, which is referred to as cellulite. It can occur due to diet, sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors, and age and so on. This orange peel-like appearance can especially occur in the waist area, but can also appear in the thigh, abdomen, or arm areas.

Traditional methods used in cellulite treatment may be able to intervene, albeit small, in the appearance of the orange peel formed, but they do not offer a permanent effect. Yet, thanks to the widespread technologies of today such as emtone and emsculpt, much more effective results are obtained than with traditional methods. So, what is Emtone, one of the popular applications of recent years and which is becoming more and more widespread?

What is Emtone Used for in Cellulite Treatment?

As the stages of cellulite progress, the chances of it subsiding on its own are eliminated. Especially in stages 3 and 4, professional help and regular treatment is required. Traditional treatment methods reduce the tissue under the skin fat layer but do not help completely eliminate cellulite. However, the Emtone cellulite device effectively tackles all the factors that cause cellulite and prevents its formation. Emtone, an FDA-approved technology, not only eliminates cellulite but also tightens the skin.

In previous methods of cellulite treatment, the use of multiple techniques together has always been an option. The new technology, Emtone, is effective in combating cellulite alone. The Emtone dual system uses Monopolar Radiofrequency and shock wave energy simultaneously. Both of these systems are sent to the cellulite affected region simultaneously. Here, the Monopolar Radiofrequency waves help to repair and rejuvenate the collagen fibers in the region. The tightening of the slackened elastin fibers is achieved with shock wave energy. In this way, the water and fat mass under the skin are reduced. With the Emtone method, which accelerates blood circulation, all fats are broken down and metabolically eliminated from the body.


Who is Emtone Suitable For?

Emtone, widely accepted as a miracle technology of today, is suitable for almost everyone. Anyone who is bothered by the unattractive appearance of cellulite in their abdomen, hips, waist, or arms is a potential candidate for the Emtone method. Since Emtone is an invasive method that does not require one to go under the knife, anyone who is hesitant to go under surgery can still find relief from cellulite by using this method. Also, the method can be applied not only to get rid of cellulites but even to just tighten the skin. In fact, some patients apply the Emtone method even though they don't struggle with excess weight and don't suffer from cellulite.

Although Emtone is an effective method for cellulite treatments, it is not recommended for some patients. For example, patients undergoing cancer treatment or people with platinum in the application area are not suitable for this method. Similarly, pregnant women cannot benefit from the Emtone method.

It is possible to see the results of the Emtone method from the first session. The definite results start to be seen approximately one month later. The Emtone method, which provides a non-temporary and permanent solution, helps to improve the quality of the skin by helping to improve the deep touch. If you want to get rid of your cellulite with the Emtone method using radiofrequency and shock waves, you can contact us to get information about Emtone prices.

What Effects Does Emtone Create?

The primary purpose of the Emtone application is to reduce cellulite and prevent its formation. The effects offered by the application can be listed as such: reduction of fat cells, elimination of metabolic problems, regulation of blood circulation, restoration of collagen fibers and elasticity loss in the skin. Additionally, regional slimming and skin tightening processes can also be seen through the Emtone method. With this method, sagging that appears in the abdomen, inner parts of the legs, or hip area will be greatly corrected. So, when can the results of the treatment be seen?

btl emtone

Emtone is a treatment method that uses focused pressurized energy. Thanks to this energy, the metabolic wastes that cause cellulite formation are eliminated from the body. It is possible to both see and feel the results that emerge immediately after the treatment. For those wondering how many sessions the treatment requires, the following explanation can be made: While the number of sessions varies depending on the stage of cellulite on the patient's body, it usually lasts 4-6 sessions and each session takes about 20 minutes. No situation such as patients feeling pain or soreness during the treatment is involved. You can also contact us to get detailed information about Emtone before and after.

Advantages of the Emtone Method

The Emtone method brings many advantages with its before and after, which is one of the most effective ways to get rid of cellulite. Its most basic advantage is that it is a non-surgical application, not only eliminating the orange peel appearance, but also the factors causing cellulite formation. Therefore, you can instantly return to your social or work life and continue your life without any problems. The reliable Emtone application does not create any sensitivity on your skin. Therefore, it can be applied any time you want, independent of the seasons.

The most important advantage of this effective method of expelling fat cells is that application carries no risk whatsoever. Emtone method, implemented by experienced and professional teams, has entirely positive user feedback. Indeed, positive Emtone reviews from patients who have been relieved of their cellulite have increased the interest and trust in this method.

Important Facts You Need to Know About Emtone

Emtone is a method that can be applied once or twice a week. The number of sessions may vary depending on the condition of the cellulites to be treated and the expectations of the patient. This procedure, which is performed in a lying position, uses mechanical energy and thermal energy together. During the procedure, the patient may feel very intense vibrations. It also feels like a hot stone massage and does not cause discomfort. On the contrary, it provides relief to the patients. While results will be noticeable immediately after the operation, significant effects will start to be visible within a few months.

Emtone is an FDA approved system suitable for all skin types and is highly reliable. No side effects have been reported in studies conducted on Emtone up until now. Therefore, patients can start the treatment process by applying to the Emtone method with peace of mind to achieve the desired look.

What is Emtone Briefly?

Patients who would like to acquire an idea about the Emtone method can become knowledgeable about the general treatment process with this brief information:

  • The treatment can be completed between 1 and 6 sessions, depending on the condition of cellulites. The operation time is approximately 45 minutes.
  • The results show variability depending on the person and stage of cellulites.
  • The patient does not need to stay in the hospital and can return to work immediately after the operation.
  • A sensitivity in the application area may be felt for 1 day. Local or general anesthesia is not required.
  • It is a method which can be applied regardless of the seasons

In conclusion, Emtone is a method that more women are applying every day and may be a permanent solution for cellulite problem in upcoming periods. For the application to succeed, the entire process should be performed by experienced doctors in a clinical environment. In this way, all potential risk factors are eliminated completely. If you have decided to get rid of your cellulites with Emtone method, you can contact us immediately and make an appointment.

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Last Update : 18.10.2023