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BTL Exilis Ultra 360

Aging, wrinkles resulting from unhealthful or inadequate nutrition, wrong cosmetic products, environmental factors, and many other causes can be eliminated through the BTL Exilis satin face-lifting technique.

The BTL Exilis application or satin face-lifting technique, which involves the use of many different techniques such as radiofrequency, focused ultrasound, hybrid energy, and acoustic wave technologies, is highly effective in erasing the effects of many different factors on the face.

The Exilis method, which provides extremely successful results in terms of giving the face a youthful appearance, is a solution for the disruption of facial blood circulation, sagging, loss of vitality, deep wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, and fading of facial features due to disruption of body moisture balance. What are the benefits of Exilis in providing these?

What is BTL Exilis?

BTL Exilis Elite is a medical aesthetic device that allows for non-surgical tightening of the skin and removal of the aged appearance of the face. No surgical intervention is necessary, so there is no need for cuts, sutures, or scarring after surgery. The Exilis Elite non-surgical facelift activates the deep tissues located in the dermis that have become passive. This actually means the renewal of the skin. The reason why Exilis application is called skin tightening is because after the application the skin has a smooth appearance like satin.

To improve skin quality, the devices used in the Exilis method which provides collagen renewal are BTL Exilis Elite, BTL Exilis Ultra 360 and BTL Protege Elite. With these devices, it is possible to start the revitalization process in the skin and you can feel the liveliness immediately after the application. If you want to get rid of the tired and aged look on your face and to have the young look you desire with the BTL Exilis Ultra, you can contact us now and schedule an appointment.


How is BTL Exilis Ultra 360 Applied?

BTL Exilis is different from the procedures which provide heat with intensity of 65 degrees, so there is no such a situation like fatness reduction. Average temperature during BTL Exilis is range from 42 to 44 degrees. To avoid the risk of nerve damage, higher temperature level would not be reached. Due to the low temperatures and controlled area delivery, application may be made to each part of the face, including the eyelid. Even the wrinkles around the eyes can be removed with Exilis, a system approved by FDA. This Exilis works on a time-focused basis, not a number of shots, so no asymmetry is formed and this feature makes the Exilis method a reliable application.

The fundamental basis of the BTL Exilis method lies in the activation of collagen production. Therefore, the application range is determined accordingly. Exilis Elite, a tested and approved method, is applied in total of 4 sessions and the sessions are carried out once a week. As collagen activation reaches 154% at the end of the second session and no more production can be provided, BTL Exilis is not applied more than 4 sessions. The first real effects can be seen after the third session. Depending on both the skin type and the expectations of some people, it is possible to end Exilis application in the second session. The positive comments shared continuously by those who had Exilis Elite BTL in Turkey have contributed to the popularity of this application in our country.

Which Areas can The Exilis Ultra 360 Method be Applied to?

The Exilis method can be applied to the entire face, as well as the neck or décolletage area. Judging from the high satisfaction reported in reviews and evaluations of the BTL Exilis Elite, this method also creates a lifting effect. The fact that the application area is so wide also makes the effects of Exilis more pronounced. Indeed, the following can be regarded as the biggest gains of the Exilis method:

  • The facial contours become visible, the V shape of the face becomes more evident,
  • A natural jawline effect is achieved without the need for jawline fillers,
  • The décolleté area is also rejuvenated while lifting the chin.
  • Wrinkles in the face and neck area are reduced,
  • A more lively, younger and radiant expression is given to the face,
  • Moisture balance is restored due to increased collagen production.

btl exilis ultra 360

Those who opt for Exilis to get a younger look can have all of these results without any problem. Of course, it is also essential not to forget that these processes must be done in a clinical environment by specialist doctors! With its extensive equipment support and its experienced staff, Yücel Sarıaltın is one of the most reliable points you can choose for BTL Exilis application. You can make an appointment now from the Yücel Sarıaltın clinic and experience the miraculous effects of the Exilis method yourself.

Benefits of Exilis Ultra 360 Method?

The Exilis method features a maximum level of safety as there is a custom thermometer in the BTL Exilis device head, which regularly monitors the temperature on the skin. Hence potential problems caused by heat on the skin are avoided. The advantages and benefits of the BTL Exilis Pro method on the skin can be listed as follows:

  • It is an application that does not require anesthesia, so you can return to your daily life immediately after the operation,
  • You will not feel any pain or discomfort during the operation,
  • There is no known side effect, as it is a non-surgical method,
  • No incision is made, so there is no scar left after the application.
  • The natural look of the facial expression is unaffected by any changes or there is no loss of expression,
  • There are no discoloration, redness or swelling after the operation,
  • It is a method that can be applied even in the most sensitive areas like around the eyes.
  • Compared to other aesthetic operations applied to the face, it is a lot more budget friendly.

In addition to all these, Exilis is also extremely effective in the recovery of sagging skin. It also helps to remove wrinkles around the eyelids. With its support for collagen production and its positive effects on the skin, Exilis has become one of the most preferred methods of facelift. You can contact us now to get information about BTL Exilis Elite device prices and session fees.

Side Effects and Harm of the Exilis Ultra 360 Method

Exilis, which has significant effects on the youthful appearance of the face, is not an application that stands out with its harms. It has been approved by the FDA that the Exilis method does not have any negative effects on human health. This applies to all age groups. The positive results of the Exilis method may vary from person to person, but the guarantee that negative effects cannot be encountered is given by both the FDA and specialist physicians. In addition to all these, Exilis is not a procedure that reduces fat tissue and does not cause nerve damage. All these developments leave no room for doubt about the safety of the Exilis method. Exilis affects the regeneration of tissues under the skin.

Those who have Exilis can also have different applications simultaneously, especially in clinics that provide different services together. Of course, all these applications should be performed by experienced and professional physicians who are experts in their fields. You can also contact our clinic on issues such as Exilis satin face lift or regional slimming, and get information about the questions you have in your mind.

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Last Update : 18.10.2023