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BTL Emsculpt NEO

BTL Emsculpt NEO is the latest technology in modern health that offers remarkable performance in solving problems that cannot be solved with traditional methods.

Emsculpt, frequently used by people who cannot burn body fat through natural means or turn to cash, is considered one of the most important keys to achieving the desired aesthetic appearance. Painlessly and without surgery, this method allows you to shape your body and regain your confidence by getting rid of excess fat.

Expert teams implemented the Emsculpt in a clinical setting with no risks involved. Therefore, it is especially ideal for people who cannot get rid of excessive fats on their own, as well as those who cannot find the time to do such. So what is Emsculpt and what is important to know about this method?

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a highly effective method that allows you to both burn fat and build muscle at the same time, which is one of the significant applications developed in recent years. This technique, applied for both men and women to achieve a fit appearance, has replaced many different applications focused solely on fat burning and made it possible to build muscle while burning fat. The Emsculpt method, which provides regional slimming, accomplishes this by breaking down fat cells. Emsculpt not only provides regional slimming, but also helps you have a sculpted abdomen and a toned butt.

Emsculpt, which uses high-density focused electromagnetic energy, strengthens the muscles in the area by working 20,000 times through the heads placed in the area where the application will be made. Primarily used in the abdomen area, the method is also suitable for areas such as legs or waist. Approved by the FDA, it is a reliable method. There is no similar system in the world that uses electromagnetic energy. Its non-invasive nature has led to an increase in the popularity of Emsculpt. If you would like to get rid of excess fat and get a toned look through the Emsculpt method, then you can contact us now to get information about Emsculpt prices and appointments.


Who Would the Emsculpt Method Be Suitable for?

Emsculpt has emerged as a muscle-focused approach, differentiating itself from systems that only focus on burning fat. Because just eliminating the accumulated fat in the body is not enough to have a good appearance. Therefore, the aim is to increase the amount of muscle and gain a fit appearance. Additionally, since this system does not work on the principles of heating and cooling, there is no possibility of any problem arising in the body.

Emsculpt applications can be done to all men and women who have no health problems that impede this procedure. You only need to schedule a short evaluation with an expert doctor to express your expectations. After that, the treatment plan will be established and the process will be started for you.

If you are at your ideal weight, meaning you don't have excess weight, you can still develop abdominal muscles or have a more sculpted physique through the Emsculpt method. Emsculpt can also be used in combination with other techniques in males or females who are above their ideal weight. In short, anyone wanting to get rid of excess fat and achieve a six-pack look in males and a two-pack look in females can apply for Emsculpt. With this method using focused electromagnetic waves, you can achieve the desired body quickly and easily without extra effort.

How is Emsculpt Applied?

Emsculpt does not require any prior preparation like other aesthetic applications. All you have to do is lie down and enjoy burning your fat and strengthening your muscles. There is no sensation other than a slight tingling. No pain or discomfort is involved. During the approximately 30-minute session, your muscles are worked with sometimes slow and sometimes fast contractions. The electromagnetic waves sent activate the muscles according to a specific algorithm. During this 30 minutes, the working of your muscles is equivalent to doing about 20,000 sit-ups. At the end of the application, the difference before and after Emsculpt can be seen very clearly.

btl emsculpt noe

You don't need to stay in the hospital after the procedure. After your session is completed, you can leave the hospital and return to your work or social life. It is also beneficial to remember that having the procedure done by an experienced doctor in a clinical setting is of great importance in order to prevent any potential risks. If you want to entrust yourself to a specialist for body sculpting, you can contact us immediately.

How does Emsculpt Produce Its Effects?

Proofed by technology, Emsculpt Neo produces results that can't be achieved by exercise, by causing contractions of the muscles in the treatment area. Highly effective for creating abdominal muscles, this method also contributes to an increase in muscle fiber density. As a result, your muscles will be toned and the results achieved will be at an optimum level due to the breaking down of fat cells.

The Emsculpt system contains radiofrequency energy, which is highly efficient for fat burning. In addition to its fat-burning capability, radiofrequency energy has positive effects such as skin tightening and increasing the elasticity of the skin. With the Emsculpt method, which enables you to have a much more fit body, the fat tissue in the body decreases by 30%, while muscle mass increases by 25%. Furthermore, approximately 5.9 centimeters of slimming can be achieved in the abdominal area while improving the diastasis of the abdominal muscles encountered by pregnant women by 19 percent.

What are the results when using Emsculpt, the first and only method that helps you build muscle while burning fat, when will the results start to be seen?

How Long does the Emsculpt Method Take to Take Effect?

The number of sessions or the time between sessions varies from person to person for the Emsculpt method. But generally, 4 to 6 sessions is ideal. The sessions should be done twice a week. However, depending on the individual’s request, a single session per week can also be done. So it is possible to complete the Emsculpt treatment in approximately 1 month. Despite the debates about the permanency of fat burning with Emsculpt, you can continue to apply the Emsculpt method in order to maintain the effect it has gained. Experts offer various packages such as 1 session a month for permanent effect, 2 sessions every 3 months or 4 sessions every 6 months. So you can take as many sessions as you want according to your expectations and time situation.

So far, a total of 300 thousand people have benefited from the Emsculpt treatment and a satisfaction rate of 95% has been achieved. Immediately after the sessions are completed, it is possible to see the tightening of the area and the definition of the muscles. The definitive results of the treatment start to appear approximately three months later. The Emsculpt method builds muscle and also burns fat, but to maintain the longevity of the effects, further sessions should be done.

So far, those who have had Emsculpt have contributed to its becoming popular. In fact, there are many famous names among those who have applied for Emsculpt. If you want to get more information about the method or make an appointment, you can now contact us.

Advantages of the Emsculpt Method

The main advantage of the Emsculpt method is that it is a non-surgical method, which is performed without surgery. This makes it possible for patients who are afraid of going under the knife to easily get the body they desire. Another important advantage is that it does not require hospitalization. Patients can leave the hospital after a session that lasts approximately 30 minutes and return to their daily life. There is no feeling of pain, swelling, bruising, redness or sensitivity after the operation. Emsculpt can also be planned according to people or applied in a few weeks or days depending on the program of the person. It is also extremely ideal for those who do not have the opportunity to lose weight or build muscle due to work life.

So far, there is general satisfaction among those who have had Emsculpt treatments. Reasons for this include that the Emsculpt creates a squat effect, burns fat, and helps to tone the buttocks; it also assists with sagging arms or inner thighs. You can also contact us via our channels to get information on the cost of an Emsculpt session.

Are There any Side Effects of Emsculpt Method?

Just like the positive effects of Emsculpt method, the drawbacks of Emsculpt are also a source of curiosity. However, no side effects, both in the short and long term, have been observed in the applications so far. This is enough to say that the method is extremely reliable. Clinically tested and proven to have no risk factors, Emsculpt method is being widely practiced in a few clinics in our country and is growing more popular day by day. With its sterile clinic atmosphere, experienced and specialized team, Yücel Sarıaltın is one of the most reliable spots you can choose for Emsculpt applications.

Things to Know About Emsculpt

Emsculpt burns fat and builds muscle, all in just 30 minutes. The information listed so far is sufficient to get an idea about the Emsculpt treatment. For those wanting to know more, here is a list of additional facts:

  • Men who want to have more defined abdominal or arm muscles can benefit from the Emsculpt method.
  • While continuing with your regular exercise program, you can also apply for Emsculpt. The results you will get with Emsculpt will be much more effective than exercise programs.
  • Individuals who have an athletic body type can have up to a 25% increase in muscle mass.
  • The treatment process, in which you may feel intense contractions, is extremely comfortable.
  • Since it is FDA approved, it is reliable and has no side effects.
  • After the treatment, it is possible to return to normal life, but to prolong the duration of the treatment, it is necessary to avoid gaining too much weight.
  • Emsculpt is not a weight loss method, it just helps to burn your fats and increase your muscle mass.

As a method that has proven itself in a short time all around the world and has gained popularity among large crowds, Emsculpt helps more and more men and women every day to have the fit body they desire. People of both genders, who don't have the opportunity to apply long exercise programs due to their work life or who have to eat unhealthily, can quickly and effectively solve this fat burning problem with short sessions of the Emsculpt method. This also helps to eliminate the self-confidence problems and social issues caused by excess fat tissue and weak muscle mass.

In order to minimize the risk factors of the Emsculpt method, it must be applied in a clinical setting, under sterile conditions and by experienced doctors. If you would like to increase your muscle mass and get rid of excess fat quickly with the Emsculpt method, you can contact us and make an appointment.

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Last Update : 19.10.2023