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After the Nose Job

There are no problems other than some issues that patients should take care of after the operation. Patients who come out of surgery may feel mild nasal pain and headache for several hours due to the effect of anesthesia. Rarely, nausea and vomiting may occur. Patients can be discharged in a day if there is no problem. Patients should wait four hours after the operation to drink water. Patients returning home for at least two days at a 45-degree angle of their heads should be rested in bed. If the tampon is placed in surgery, it is usually removed at the end of the third day. Plaster splint placed on the nose is removed at the end of 7-10 days.

Does nose have natural appearance after nose job?

If a successful nose aesthetic is performed, the people around the person should perceive this as a positive change. However, one should not think that the person has done a rhinoplasty. The shape of a natural nose should give this impression. Nowadays, the goal of nasal aesthetic surgery is to create a natural nasal shape. The nose shape is acceptable, which is compatible with the face and which is not understood to be operated from outside. Since our brain is easier to perceive unnatural, a natural nasal shape is always preferred.

Adversities after nose job

Patients may experience some adverse effects after surgery. Nasal obstruction, swelling of the face, bleeding in the nose, swelling and bruises in the eyes, the effects of anesthesia, bruising in the nasal septum are some of these problems. Patients are informed about this before surgery. In the long term, the nasal structure may cause depressions and protrusions. Some patients may require a second revision surgery.

Can I smoke after nose job?

Tobacco products such as cigarettes, pipes and cigars should be avoided as this may adversely affect blood circulation. Although nose aesthetic surgery is performed successfully, these habits delay healing and cause the wound to heal.  

Nutrition after nose job

There is no specific nutrition list for patients with nose aesthetics. However, patients need to comply with some nutritional recommendations for faster recovery. Patients should consume nutrients in order to avoid the problem of constipation. Constipation may cause bleeding in the nose. Since this is quite inconvenient during the healing process, a diet to prevent constipation should be established.

During the meal patients must protect their face from hot vapors. They should take care when drinking hot drinks such as soup, milk and tea. Foods containing vitamin C and protein intake should be taken care of. These nutrients are extremely beneficial for wound healing.

Salt restriction is also recommended. This will allow the swelling, which may occur after the operation, to reduce the edema more easily. It is best to just settle with salt from food. Foods such as olives and cheese, as well as low-fat and non-salted foods should be preferred. Patients may experience a faster recovery if the consumption of fatty foods is reduced. Therefore, cooking methods such as steaming, baking, grilling and boiling should be preferred.

Foods such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, legumes, melon, onion and milk should be consumed in order to avoid gas and bloating problems. Good chewing and heavy ingestion of food will also reduce the formation of gas. Patients should stay away from beverages and foods such as sodium-containing mineral water. These may increase the amount of edema after surgery.

Coughing after nose surgery

In this process, coughing, sneezing, sneezing actions can damage the shape of the nose. Since the wound site is fresh, care should be taken to ensure that the newly replaced nose replaces the bone and cartilage tissue. Allergic food should not be consumed.

Does nose tip drop after nose job?

Nasal tip drop is the most common problem when people make a decision to do a nose job. Nowadays, it is not possible to say this problem because of the surgery techniques used. Normally, after the operation, the first stages are edema, and when the edema is healed, the nose can be relocated to 1-2 mm. However, this is an expected result. After the operation, it is not expected that the nose tip drop as patients are hesitant. The nose tip should not fall as required during surgery.

When are the bruises and swellings happen after nose job?

Patient’s response to recovery after surgery may be different. Swelling and bruising after surgery may be different for each patient. Drugs, nutrients and genetics used before surgery can affect the degree of bruising and swelling. However, it can be said that patients who take care of themselves during the healing process and who do not smoke and who care for their nutrition will recover faster.

Should nasal massage can be performed after nose job?

After the operation, some doctors about nose massage to stimulate the circulation of the face, activating the facial lymphatics should be suggested in terms of activation. They also recommend the massage to the face area. It is stated that movements on the sides of the face starting from the eyes will be good for swelling.

Nose massage was also recommended to every patient. This was thought to be beneficial for lymph drainage. However, it was also stated that massage should not be done to shape the nose. However, nose massage may be useful in patients with curved nose. People who have long nose curvature may shorten muscles. Massage can give flexibility to soft tissue and can benefit curvatures. However, the doctor’s recommendations on the angle of the nose massage and how it should be done must be followed.

Use of glasses after nose surgery

Patients who had surgery should not wear glasses for at least one week. Glasses should not be used until the plastic mold on the nose is removed. Patients should prefer glasses with a light frame when they wear glasses. He/she should act in consultation with his/her doctor. In the first instance, it is recommended to use the glasses made of light material for a short time. You should wait at least six months to start using your glasses. During this time the new nasal shape will appear.

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