What are the Advantages of Breast Augmentation Which Performed in Turkey?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations today. Women who are not satisfied with the size of the breast by means of surgery are provided to have a desired breast size as a result of surgical procedures.

This operation, which causes significant changes in external appearance, can be applied to women who are not satisfied with their breast appearance due to weight gain, pregnancy or aging. Breast reduction may occur as a result of many different causes but it is not among the situations without solution.

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    What is the Dual Layer Method?

    There are different techniques used in breast augmentation. Among these techniques, the dual plane method is applied because some of the patients do not get natural results. A part of the silicon is placed under the muscle and a portion of the silicone is placed in the breast tissue. Muscle tissue is protected by silicone after the procedure. The double layer method can be applied to all patients if they meet the expectations.

    The use of fat injections and silicone implants in breast augmentation instead of silicone prostheses is called composite breast augmentation. It is especially recommended that people who are weaker than those should consult a composite breast augmentation operation. Fat to be applied in the process are usually taken from the fat in the abdomen of the person. In order to perform this procedure, fat tissue should be sufficient.

    What is the Crisalix Technology?

    If crisalix technology is applied in breast augmentation, the person can see how to have a breast size and shape with 3D technology. Thanks to this technology, the likelihood of having the shape of a breast suitable for people’s expectations is increasing. In addition to the breast shape, the person will have information about which type of silicone to use before the operation.

    What are the complications?

    A silicone prosthesis of the appropriate size is placed in the body of the person during the operation to prevent this condition occurring as a result of the capsule hardening. Complications that may occur postoperatively include sensory changes, mild bruises and the possibility of infection. The likelihood of these complications is very low.

    What happens after breast augmentation surgery?

    It is possible to see changes in operation time. The properties of silicone may cause changes in the duration of surgery. Because local anesthesia is applied, it is not possible to feel any pain during surgery. Post-surgery pain that is not very serious may occur, but these pains will disappear in a short time. A number of swellings can occur in the breast and surrounding area, these swellings disappear within about a week. When the swellings disappear, the new shape of the breast emerges. It is possible that some traces will occur after the surgery, but the first year of the surgery is completely eliminated.

    Non-surgical Breast Augmentation

    It is possible to see swelling in the breast area after the procedure due to local anesthesia. This swelling does not occur due to filling. After the operation, it is recommended not to use tight bras to tighten the breast area. As with all operations, after the breast augmentation, the person should avoid physical activities that will tire himself/herself. Breast augmentation has no harm in terms of breastfeeding. Nipple are not affected by breast augmentation. Therefore, the person can continue to breastfeed after the procedure.

     How Is Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation?

    People who do not want to perform breast augmentation by surgery can also have the desired breast shape with Aquafilling method. Non-surgical breast augmentation of the condition has a direct proportion to the quality of the product used. If fat is used as well as the filler, the permanence is proportional to the quality of the oil used. This process takes place in a very short time and the person can return to everyday life in a very short time.

    Breast enlargement is not possible with any physical activity or massage except for these operations. It is provided to accelerate the blood circulation through the massage applied to the breast area and the breast volume gains.

    How to decide new breast size?

    It is recommended that the person decide on the new breast size together with the doctor who will perform the operation. The person must first share information about the size of the breast with the doctor. After that, the breast size of the person will determine by the doctor. Determining the expectation and specifying it to the surgeon is very important for a successful outcome.

    Silicone Prosthesis

    Silicone breast prostheses contain gel and serum substances that do not cause any allergic reaction. Silicone varieties are divided into drops and round silicon. In the process of determining the silicon, the condition of the breast and sagging are considered.

    Does Breast Stimulate Naturally After Breast Augmentation?

    No disturbance occurs in the breast area of ​​the person after the procedure and no artificiality occurs. Only redness after surgery may occur. This redness is temporary. During the operation, no incision is applied and no scar can be seen in the breast. This situation prevents any understanding of whether an operation has been carried out externally. In the case of contact with the breast that has been operated, no artificiality will be felt in the breast. No significant difference is observed after the operation.

    How is Breast Augmentation Performed Without Surgery?

    Non-surgical breast augmentation is performed under local anesthesia and the person does not feel any pain during the operation. As a result of placing the gel-shaped filler under the breast, known as Aquafilling, the process is carried out successfully. Aquafilling ensures that the nozzle has a fuller and smoother shape. Breast augmentation can be performed without surgery. However, this process will not be sufficient for sagging. Women who are not satisfied with the size of breasts are suitable for this operation. Breast size can be enlarged by 1 or 2 sizes.

    Loss of Filling in the Breast

    Due to some conditions, sagging in the breast may occur. Sagging can be caused by excessive weight gain, loss and aging. Weight gain or delivery affects the filling. The filling is effective for quite a long time. Changes can occur during the period when the filling is effective according to the quality. After an average period of 5 years, there will be no sagging. The mixture injected into the body during the operation will be absorbed by the body over time. This will cause the effect of the injection to be eliminated.