How to Decide to Have Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey?

Breast structure does not contain any muscle. For this reason, breast sagging may occur with the use of both the time and the wrong bra. In addition to these factors, frequent changes in weight, birth and breastfeeding, and gravity can cause sagging in the breast. Breast lift solves volume loss and sagging problems successfully. This condition, which may occur as a result of decreased skin tension, can be removed by taking more than the skin. Breast prosthesis may be required to be applied to people who demand removal of the sagging condition but also have a volume loss. In this case, although a person-to-person change can be seen, whether or not the prosthesis can be applied by the expert after the examination can be decided.

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    Who is suitable?

    The occurrence of sagging in the breast may occur for many different reasons. When this happens, people often feel uncomfortable in their daily lives. Any person who has a sagging breast for any reason, complains about this condition and has no problem in general health is suitable for breast lift surgery. It is taken into consideration that the development of the breast structure of the people is completed for the operation. For this reason, surgery is frequently applied to people over 18 years of age. In addition, it should be noted that people may have traces of the breast after surgery. Therefore, people who do not want to have traces on the breast are not suitable for surgery. It is very important that individuals have realistic expectations about surgery. Therefore, people should share their expectations with the doctor.

    People with a sagging breast should also be of sufficient size. Otherwise, the first breast prosthesis is provided to enlarge the breast. The suitability of the candidates for the surgery is determined by the doctor. After the examination, the most appropriate surgical method to be applied to the patient is determined according to the degree of sagging.

    What are the Breast Lift methods?

    The first factor to be considered when determining breast uplift methods is the degree of sagging in the breast. After determining this condition, the most appropriate treatment method is determined by the specialist. Detailed information is given to the patient before the operation by the specialist about the method to be used. People with mild sagging are removed from the breast. In this case, it is possible that slight traces of the breast may occur.

    Breast lift is possible with three methods. The first method can be realized by taking the excess from the nipple to the flat breast. In the second method, a stitch is performed similar to the inverted T letter in the nozzle groove after the excess. Finally, after the removal of the excess, the nipple can be stitched with the suture. All methods allow the removal of the excess skin that has been lost in the breast. The drooping nipples are steepened. After the applied procedures, dressing is done. After surgery, people are dressed in a bra.

    How is the operation performed?

    Breast lift surgery is performed in a short period of time in order to remove sagging of the breast due to various reasons. The incision per breast is applied during the operation. After the breast is placed in the upright position with the incision, the operation is completed and the suture is applied. If necessary, the excess skin is removed from the breast. As a result of surgery, the breast tissue is recovered. In the surgical intervention, it is possible to see differences according to the degree of sagging. These differences can be listed as follows;

    Mild sagging: If the size of the breast is suitable, removal of the excess around the nipple is performed. The excess is ring-shaped. Therefore, it is possible to have a ring-shaped trace on the breast. The process is completed by raising the nozzle head to the required extent. In cases where the breast is not large enough for surgery, the breast is first enlarged by prosthesis.

    Moderate sagging: Removal of the annular abundance at the head of the nozzle is performed. It is then ensured that the breast tissue is recovered from the bottom of the breast. The cut is closed and the process is completed. After the procedure, there might be slight trace.

    Extremely sagging: First the excess is removed from the nipple. The breast tissue is recovered and the cut is closed by suturing. It should be kept in mind that there is a high likelihood of staying on the breast during advanced sagging.

    After the operation

    It is known that recovery after anesthesia is performed in a very short time and in a very short time. About a week after surgery, the patient returns to her daily life. However, it should be kept in mind that the patient should avoid work requiring physical force, especially in the first week after surgery. If a person is physically exhausted, she has to return to work three months after the operation. With this condition, the person who performs the operation can obtain detailed information about all the factors that should be taken into consideration after the operation.

    It should be kept in mind that breast augmenting surgery can offer permanent results, but in cases of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and excessive weight gain, sagging may occur again. Therefore, it is recommended that people planning a pregnancy should consult a breast lift operation.

    Risks of the surgery

    The operation is performed by taking into consideration the severity of the breast in the breast lift operation. As with every operation, it should be noted that there are also some risks in breast lift operation. However, these risks occur very rarely or almost never affect the lives of individuals. The fact that the operation is performed by doctors in the field reduces the possibility of risks. At the same time, the fact that surgery is performed in a fully equipped hospital offering sterile conditions will be effective in reducing the risks.

    Bleeding and infection, which are risks of all operations, can rarely seen as a result of breast lift surgery. In addition to these risks; adverse events such as stiffness of the breast, recovery of wounds longer than expected and asymmetric structure of the breasts are rarely seen. Before the operation, the patient will be informed in detail by the doctor about the risks.

    The operation is carried out without interfering with the milk channels and the milk glands. Thus, there is no harm in pregnant and breastfeeding after surgery. However, it should be kept in mind that excessive weight gain due to pregnancy and application of force to the breast during lactation may cause a slight sagging of the breast. Therefore, it is recommended that people who plan to become pregnant should consult a breast lift operation after birth.

    In patients with advanced sagging, it is possible to keep traces in the area where the incisions are made. Ring-shaped traces can be seen at and around the nipple. But by most people who want to achieve the ideal look, these marks are not seen as negative elements. There is no accuracy in the information about numbness in the nipples after surgery. If the person experiences a negative situation, she should inform the doctor.