Why Should I Have Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey?

The breast reduction surgery performed in order to achieve the ideal breast size has been successfully implemented with the advancing technologies in the health sector. People can apply for breast reduction surgery for many different reasons. Having large breasts that can be required can lead to many different problems in terms of both aesthetics and health. People who have breasts that are thought to be disproportionate to their body should consult with a doctor and report their complaints and expectations. In this direction, the patient’s expectations are taken into consideration while the breast sizes that the person should have according to the body size are explained to the person. In this way, the breast size that the person who is not satisfied with the breast size should have is determined. At the same time, the most appropriate breast reduction technique for the person’s condition is determined. In this way, people will be satisfied with the most ideal results.

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    Why is the surgery performed?

    Breast size is disproportionate to the person’s body and can cause serious problems in daily life. These problems include a person experiencing back pain, difficulty in breathing, and experiencing drowsiness in the arms. The disproportionately large size of the breast may even cause the person to be stifled at later ages. For all these reasons, breast reduction surgery is now frequently preferred.

    Who is suitable?

    The breast which is larger than the ideal size may cause dissatisfaction and cause some health problems. Breast reduction surgery is frequently preferred by people with a disproportionate breast structure. There is no age limit for surgery. However, people who are in adolescence and have not completed their breast development but who have experienced serious problems due to breast size can be operated at an early age. Since the operation will be performed under anesthesia, people should be over 18 years of age.

    With the progression of age, decreases in breast tissue are inevitable. This situation may lead to uncomfortable people. They can also apply for breast reduction surgery. Operation of the breast will be minimized while at the same time, the operation will be effective.

    What should be considered after the operation?

    After the operation, it is recommended that the person rests for a period of three days. After the surgery, people will be given the necessary information by the doctor. This information should be considered. It should be noted that it is possible for edema to occur. It is known that edema occurs spontaneously in a month if it occurs. If sutures are performed during the operation, these sutures should be taken approximately two weeks after surgery. People with all these elements should not forget that they should not smoke for the first month after the surgery. People can return to their daily life after a short time, but they should not neglect the factors they should consider in this process.

    Due to the use of advanced techniques nowadays, there is no permanent loss of sensation after surgery. Since surgery will be performed with an understanding of protecting the tissue associated with the nipple, only temporary short-term loss of sensation may occur in individuals. In this case, the person should not worry. It is known that loss of temporary sensation is spontaneous.

    After surgery, people should be aware of the use of bras. The first two weeks after the operation of a sports bra must be used, but after two weeks, a normal bra will not bother the breast.

    How is the surgery performed?

    Before the operation, the person should first be examined by the doctor and the appropriate breast size should be determined. At this point, the expectations of the person and the size of the body and the breast are considered by doctor. After determination of breast size, surgery is performed under general anesthesia. This prevents the person from feeling any pain during the operation. Excessive breast tissue, skin and areola area of ​​the person are repositioned during the operation by taking into consideration the measurements. The procedure is applied to both breasts in the same manner and then the area is sewn. It is not possible for the patient to experience any pain as the anesthesia will be performed during the operation. However, it is possible for the person to feel pain in the operation area due to the effect of anesthesia. Painkiller may be recommended by the doctor if necessary.

    It is known that breast reduction surgery lasts about three to five hours. In this period, changes can be seen according to the breast structure of the person. The person is required to rest on the day of surgery. Then the person should be checked once a week by the doctor. In addition to this, the patient must use a sports bra for some time after the operation. It is possible that the pain can be seen occasionally during the year when the surgery is performed. In this case, the person should not worry. However, if necessary, the person can consult and get support from the doctor.

    Breast Reduction Techniques

    It is decided by the doctor which breast reduction technique should be applied according to the condition and expectations of the person. In the meantime, the size of the breast, whether the presence of sagging is considered. People must be examined by the doctor to determine the appropriate technique. Among these techniques, basic standard surgical techniques are frequently preferred. In these techniques, the trace can be 1 to 2 centimeters in the shape of T. In the basic technique, it is inevitable that permission will be taken out of the breast. However, today it is known that with the developing technologies, rather than T shape, there is quite a slight leave. Depending on the expert, it is also possible to have only a slight line pattern, with the removal of excess skin and the erection of the area. The high quality of the materials used during the operation and the fact that they are performed by the doctor who is expert in his/her field of surgery will make the marks less obvious.

    In addition to classical techniques, breast reduction technique with liposuction is preferred by people who are disturbed by breast size. This method is very rare. This technique can be used especially for girls who are in adolescence and have a breast size. Liposuction allows the removal of excess fat in the breast. It is possible for the person wearing an E-cap bra to wear a cap after liposuction. However, it should be noted that the removal of excess oil in the breast may cause sagging. The reason for this is that only an excess of fat is removed from the nozzle without performing any recovery. Therefore, liposuction method is very rare.