Eyelid Aesthetic (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty, which are passing through the eye, can be successfully removed. Problems such as low eyelid, sags in the eyelid, wrinkles around the eyes, under-eye bags can affect people negatively in daily life. Eyelid aesthetics will help to permanently eliminate these conditions, which make the person appear older and more exhausted than they are.

Disorders occurring in the eyelid and around the eyes often; advances in age, environmental factors, nutritional errors and eyelids in the body as a result of having the finest structure. While some of these diseases may take measures, some of them may be inevitable.

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    What is eyelid aesthetics?

    Eye aesthetics are divided into two as the lower eye aesthetics and the upper eye aesthetics. Both operations are performed under anesthesia. Therefore, it is not possible to feel any pain during the operations. Both operations offer lasting and satisfactory results. The fact that the operations are different from each other is due to the fact that they are oriented towards different problems. The upper and lower eyelid aesthetics can be performed together after determination of whether they are suitable for surgery or not by the doctor.

    How to prepare for Eyelid Aesthetics?

    Operations were performed in a very short time successfully so eyelid aesthetics are frequently prefer by many people. The operation must be performed by a doctor because the eye is sensitive and can be severely damaged by a minor negative effect. Otherwise, there may be negative consequences that will seriously affect people’s daily life.

    Before the eyelid aesthetics, the general health status of the person should be taken into consideration by the doctor. However, the recovery time of the wounds in the person, eye problems and complaints of the person should be considered. People who hadany operation before the surgery should inform the doctor. People who use blood thinner medication should inform the doctor who will perform the surgery because the drugs can be effective during surgery. Nevertheless, it is very important for people to inform their doctor if they have experienced it before.

    What is upper eyelid aesthetics?

    The upper eyelid aesthetic is frequently preferred as a result of sagging and bagging in the eyelid. These sagging and bagging on the eyelid cause the person to look older and more tired and have a weaker appearance. As a result, the person is dissatisfied with his/her appearance and applies to the upper eyelid aesthetics. Since the eye is a highly sensitive organ, the surgery must be performed by a qualified doctor in a fully equipped health facility to prevent possible risks.

    Who is suitable for Upper Eyelid Aesthetics?

    Upper eyelid aesthetics can be applied to people who have sagging and bagging in the eyelid and who are not satisfied with the appearance of the eye area. This process is usually applied to people who have problems with sleep irregularity, over or under sleeping, smoking and alcohol consumption as a result of eyelid appearance. In addition to environmental factors, sagging and bagging may occur in the eyelid in some people. The upper eyelid can be successfully applied to people who have these conditions due to both environmental and hereditary reasons.

    What is lower eyelid aesthetics?

    Bags under-eye that may cause people to look older and tired than they are. Due to hereditary causes with aging, fat pads cause an aesthetically bad appearance. Fat pads with the function of supporting the eyeball disturb the person as a result of hernia.

    Who is suitable for Lower Eyelid Aesthetics?

    The lower eyelid aesthetics are frequently preferred by those who have under-eye bags and who are dissatisfied with their under-eye appearance. Patient should be examined by a doctor. If the person is deemed appropriate, the technique to be applied in the operation is determined. There is no age limitation in the lower eyelid aesthetics. The suitability of the person to the operation is decided by thedoctor after the examination.

    How is Upper Eyelid Aesthetic Performed?

    The upper eyelid aesthetics are performed at approximately one or two hours under local anesthesia. The duration of the procedure determines the state of bagging and sagging in the eye. Excess skin tissue and fat bags are removed during the procedure. Thus, sagging of the person’s eyelid is permanently destroyed.

    What to Consider After Upper Eyelid Aesthetics

    After a short period of time, the person can return to his/her daily life. There is no obstacle for the person to perform any physical action after this procedure. It should be noted that edema and bruises may occur only after the first week. The edema and bruises caused by the procedure are usually passes after one week. The advantages of the operation are as follows: It should be kept in mind that after the operation, which allows to correct the current situation, slight sagging and bagging may occur in the eyelid. Although this situation can be seen after many years, it can be applied to the upper eyelid aesthetics again if necessary.

    How is Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

    The lower eyelid aesthetics, which can be applied under local or general anesthesia depending on the patient’s condition and the doctor’s preference. During the process, the excess portion of the fat pads that cause the bagging appear. If excess skin is under the eye, removal of this excess may also be performed during the lower eyelid aesthetics procedure. As a result of this situation, the existing under-eye bags are successfully destroyed. Excess fat pads taken during the lower eyelid aesthetics can be used to fill the cavities if they are under the eye.

    What to Consider After the Lower Eyelid Aesthetics?

    During the process, sewing is performed under the eyelashes. However, this stitch is of a size that will not disturb the person and it does not need to take care of the seams as it will be carried out by self-melting ropes. These sutures will spontaneously dissolve approximately one week after the procedure. Severe edema and bruises may occur after the lower eyelid aesthetics. Approximately two weeks after the procedure, these edema and bruises are expected to pass completely. The lower eyelid aesthetics offer a permanent solution to people. However, it is possible for people to have loosening and bagging on their skin because of advancement of age. If necessary, the person may apply to the lower eyelid aesthetics for the second time.