Face Filler

The dermal filler is an injectable gel which is getting more popular day by day because it is a safe and natural-looking method to treat wrinkles and fix the volume and firmness of the face temporarily. The source of healthy and young-looking skin is collagen which is responsible from the skin’s underlying structure and volume. As the human ages, collagen in the skin degrades, and thus undesired wrinkles, lines, and an old or tired look occur. Dermal filler substances reconstitute the collagen and try to recover the firmness for a healthier and younger look.

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    The most important things to consider before deciding to have face augmentation are the type of the skin and injector. Face augmentation with dermal filler is a non-surgical operation that shows results immediately and has almost no healing process.

    For the comfort of the patient during the operation, a topical anesthetic ointment is applied to the operating area. After 30 minutes, the dermatologist cleans the operating area and injects the filler gel under the surface of the skin by using an ultrathin injector. After the injection, the face is reshaped with massages. The effects of the treatment last 6 to 12 months according to the type of the filler substance.

    Patients must stop taking aspirin, vitamin E supplements, and other anti-inflammatory medications 1 week before the operation. These medications and supplements may increase bleeding and bruising in the operating area.