What to Expect From a Successful Face Lift Operation?

Face lift surgery, which is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic operations, provides satisfactory results to people with complaints about sagging of the face. The sagging of the face may cause people to look older than they are, and even to look miserable. As a result of this operation, which provides the removal of the lines and skin dilatations, people may have a younger appearance than they are.

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    Who is suitable?

    For many reasons, especially the progression of age, sagging may occur. This situation may cause people to feel unhappy in daily life. Having an unsatisfied physical appearance can make people feel unhappy in the psychological context. Therefore, face lift surgery can be applied to all people who have complaints about sagging. Although surgery is frequently preferred by people over fifty years of age, there is no age limitation in the operation. The suitability of the patients before the surgery will be determined during the examination by the specialist.

    How to perform?

    General anesthesia is applied in order to prevent any pain in the face lift operation. After the anesthesia, the incision process is performed starting from the intra hair areas. If the sagging tissues are removed, excess skin is removed. During surgery, the skin, cheeks and jaws are available in the region is abolished. The existing lines are destroyed successfully. After the face is idealized, the sewing process is performed and the operation is completed. Face lift and neck lift can be performed together if people request neck stretching before surgery. For this, firstly, the suitability of the people during the examination is determined. Face lift and neck lift surgery can be performed successfully in approximately six to seven hours. In this way, the person will have a single operation with the ideal appearance according to their expectations.

    What to consider after the operation?

    On the second day of facelift surgery, it is possible to discharge people. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration by the people who are discharged. During discharge, people are advised to wear sunglasses that will not tighten their faces. The drain placed during surgery to prevent the accumulation of fluid should be removed one day after surgery. The sutures on the face will be removed during the week of surgery. Two days after the operation, it is possible for people to take a shower, but people should be aware that the face area is sensitive. The area where the operation takes place should be treated as precisely as possible, care should be taken in hair removal and make-up.

    People should avoid sexual intercourse for at least two weeks after surgery. In addition, people should not be involved in activities such as sports that require physical power for two weeks. In the first few months people are advised not to smoke or drink alcohol. In particular, smoking causes late healing of wounds. People should avoid activities such as steam bath and sauna especially in the first month. For the first six months after the operation, people should regularly use sunscreen. Swelling and bruises that may occur postoperatively will disappear spontaneously approximately three weeks after the surgery and there will be no traces. Therefore, it is recommended that people do not resort to any cream or additional treatment for these swelling and bruises. People who work in jobs that do not require physical power can return to work life in a short period of time. Therefore, the above mentioned factors should be taken into consideration. If there is any unexpected situation after surgery, people should consult with their doctor.

    What to consider before the operation?

    Before face lift surgery, people should first share their expectations with their doctor. Then, the doctor should be informed about details by the doctor during the examination. The results of the surgery should be indicated by the doctor as to how people can achieve results. After the surgery is decided, people should not take any drugs that may cause bleeding before surgery, not to consume any food or drink that will increase the bleeding, and not to smoke and drink alcohol. It is not possible to dye the hair for the first month after surgery. Therefore, people who want to dye their hair, should dye hair before the surgery. It is recommended not to cut if the hair is long. Long hair will be advantageous in terms of closure of the traces that can be seen after surgery..

    What are the risks of the operation?

    As with all surgical operations, there are some risks in face lift surgery. These risks are almost never seen with the use of advanced methods of facelift. However, it is very important that people are informed about the risks before the surgery. The risks of facelift surgery can be listed as follows;

    Bleeding: The risk of bleeding is present in all surgical operations. Therefore, people should not take aspirin – derived drugs and consume herbal tea which may cause bleeding before surgery.

    Infection: Because of the fact that the face is a well-blooded area, the risk of infection is very low. Before and after surgery, a number of applications will be performed by the doctor to prevent infection. If there is a risk of infection, people can start antibiotics by the doctor.

    Scars remain: Causes of bad traces on the face and around after surgery; hereditary traits, infection of the face during surgery, skin loss, and smoking.

    Nerve damage: If the motor nerves are damaged during the operation, it is possible that weakness or loss may occur in the face movements. This type of damage usually occurs in a short period of time, people do not need to apply any additional treatment method.

    Hair loss: Whether or not hair loss can be seen as a result of surgery can not be determined in advance. Hair loss is likely to occur only in areas where the skin is pulled up. But this situation is almost never encountered today. Performing the operation by a qualified doctor will reduce the likelihood of this condition.

    Long-term effects: It should be noted that in the long term, the tension may not be maintained due to a number of factors. These factors include aging, prolonged sunshine, excessive weight gain or giving.

    It should be kept in mind that face lift surgery does not stop aging even though it offers very successful results. For this reason, it is very important for people to know that the above mentioned risks and aging cannot be stopped. But by using the most effective methods, these risks are hardly ever present. Face lift is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations. The effects of the operation may be reduced after aging such as aging, prolonged sunshine, but there is no harm in repeating the operation. Therefore, people who are satisfied with the effects of the operation but who have complained about the decrease of their effects after years can apply to face lift operation.