Forehead Lift Makes You Look Younger!

Problems such as forehead lines may cause the person to appear older than his/her current age. In addition, it will cause the person to have an exhausted and tired expression rather than a vivid appearance. These situations lead to some discontent in everyday life. The person who has a look that is appropriate to his/her expectations afterforehead lift continues his/her daily life in a motivated way. In addition to all these, obtaining very successful results at the end of the operation explains the frequent use of forehead lift aesthetics. The lines and wrinkles that occur on the forehead are among the common conditions with the progression of age. With the forehead lift surgery, it will be possible to eliminate the lines in the forehead, eliminate the wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows and eliminate the sags on the eyebrows.


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    Am I a good candidate?

    There are no age restrictions or obstacles for forehead lift aesthetics. If necessary, it can be applied to people who have not advanced age. There is no problem in the implementation of the operation if the elderly are in trouble in the general health condition and if they are uncomfortable with the lines of the forehead. Before applying this operation, it should be carefully considered whether the expectations of people are realistic. The person should explain his/her expectations during the examination carried out by the doctor and get clear information about the results. During the examination, it should be learned whether there are any aesthetic disorders in which people are uncomfortable except for wrinkles and lines on the forehead. Thus, it should be decided whether additional treatments should be applied with forehead lift. After the patient’s complaints and face examination, the doctor will be offered the most appropriate treatment method. The forehead lift aesthetics is applied to people who suffer from problems such as wrinkles as well as low eyebrows.

    How to perform the operation?

    During the operation under general anesthesia, the excess skin is destroyed. Thus, it is ensured that the person’s face meets the expectations. The incision is performed during the operation, but the incisions do not cause an aesthetic appearance due to the placement on the scalp. The person does not feel any pain during this operation which helps to get rid of a hard look and have a softer appearance. Which method is preferred in the application of forehead lift is very important. The method can be performed by classical method or endoscopic forehead stretching method. In both methods, anesthesia should be performed.

    What to do before the operation?

    As in all operations, there are some factors that should be considered in forehead lift aesthetics. Among these factors; people should avoid taking aspirin and vitamin E, smoking cigarette. They can cause of the increase in bleeding. It is recommended to stop smoking at least three weeks prior to surgery. It is not possible for the person to dye his/her hair at least four weeks after the surgery. Long hair is effective in hiding. Therefore, people who have long hair are advised not to cut their hair before surgery.

    What to do after the operation?

    Since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, the person does not feel any pain during the operation. Mild pain, which may occur after the operation, can be relieved with painkillers. The person should consult with the specialist before using any medication. After the operation, it is possible to see swelling and bruises on the first one week. Keeping the head of the patient above will make the cases such as swelling and bruising lighter. In addition, cold compresses should be applied to the region. The dressing applied after the operation is removed one day after the operation. Stitches will be taken at the end of the first week. After about two weeks after forehead lift, there is no problem to return to the daily life of the person. It is known that forehead lift offer quite long-term results. However, it should be kept in mind that changes from person to person can be seen in these results.

    Which techniques are performed during the operation?

    Forehead lift can be performed by two different methods. One of these methods is the open forehead lift aesthetics. In the classical open forehead lift, it is possible to leave a trace five centimeters behind the hairline. It is not possible to see this line from the outside because it will be hidden by hair. Thus, it will not be understood that people have a forehead lift operation. It is possible that the loss of temporary sensation is observed in the region where this line is hidden in the scalp. During the operation, the eyebrows will be normalized so that no additional operation is required for the eyebrows. The classical method provides successful and lasting results if performed by a specialist in a health care facility where the necessary conditions are existing. It is recommended to apply the classical method, especially if there is a skin sagging.

    Another method is defined as endoscopic forehead lift. This method is preferred quite often. The excess tissue available through the method can be removed from the back of the hairline. During this process, it is sufficient to apply approximately four two centimeters of cuts. This method is applied quite frequently because the loss of sensation in the scalp is almost never seen. But there are some criticisms about the permanence of the method. It should be kept in mind that people should consider the doctor’s approach rather than criticism. After endoscopic forehead lift that lasts about two hours, it is possible for people to be discharged on the same day. In the operation, general or local anesthesia or intravenous sedation may be preferred. If a different operation is not performed as well as forehead lift, the return of people to their daily lives will be in a short time.

    What to consider after forehead lift?

    The face is a highly sensitive organ, and the operations that take place in the face require care. The swelling and bruises that may be seen postoperatively are completely dependent on the physiological structure of the person. People need to know that they are faced with the situation because of their physiological structure and not to worry. There will not be any permanent scar, swelling or bruising visible after surgery.

    There are several factors that people should pay particular attention to after the operation. These factors can be listed as follows;

    • In the first month after the forehead lift, the person should avoid heavy physical exercises.
    • People should avoid the sun especially in the first month.
    • Measures should be taken against trauma and shocks.
    • Hair drying machine should not be used in the first month.
    • Four days after the operation, the person should wash his/her hair.
    • If there is drowsiness, pain and tension, the person should consult to thedoctor. It should be kept in mind that the use of unconscious medication without consulting the specialist will adversely affect the health of the individual.
    • Ten days after the operation, the person may return to work. However, people who work in jobs requiring physical force should return to work after a month.
    • In order to prevent bloating after the operation, ice compresses should be applied.