Neck Lift Offers You a More Youthful Appearance in a Short Time

As a result of dilation and sagging of the neck skin, an uncomfortable appearance is formed on the neck. Sagging can cause to lost the angle between the neck and the jaw. This situation causes people to have non-aesthetic appearance and have problems in daily life. These problems can also psychologically affect quite seriously. Especially, the non-aesthetic appearance of the neck, which is obtained as a result of the progression of age, can be successfully eliminated with neck lift surgery.

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    Who is suitable?

    The non-aesthetic appearance of the neck usually results from excessive weight gain. However, it is inevitable to have sagging in the neck with the progression of the age of the people. This is usually seen in people with lower jaws than it should be. People having excess weight can lead to skin abundance. This abundance in the region, which is present under the chin and known as tickle, can make people quite uncomfortable. It would be inevitable for people to gain excessive weight and to cause sagging in the neck area as in all their bodies. The appearance of the skin under the neck is one of the undesirable conditions due to the fact that the age of the person appears to be more than it has and does not have the aesthetic appearance. Therefore, it is possible to apply neck lift surgery to this person and to eliminate this condition with a single operation. If they have problems which mentioned above, they should definitely consult a specialist and find out if they are suitable for neck lift surgery.

    How to perform?

    The incision made behind the ear is extended to the scalp like face lift operation. The neck is stretched upwards in a predetermined manner. Excess skin is removed and sewing is performed successfully. After the operation, the stretched neck wrinkles are removed and the chin angle is clarified and the person has a younger appearance. The fact that the cut performed in the surgery starts from the back of the ear ensures that there is no visible trace.

    In some cases it may be necessary to recover the jowl area. In this case, the patient’s condition and expectations are taken into consideration. If necessary, it is possible to successfully remove the existing fats and carry out the sewing process by entering the waste area. Liposuction may also be preferred by doctors in this case.

    Whether or not any application to the other parts of the face will be performed during the neck lift operation is determined according to the patient’s condition and expectations. If other operations are going to perform on the face, the operation takes about five hours.

    What should be considered before the operation?

    As with all surgical operations, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration in neck lift surgery. In order to prevent any problems during and after the surgery, factors to be considered by the people can be listed as follows;

    • Do not get drugs such as aspirin at least two weeks before the surgery
    • Report to a doctor if any medication is being used
    • Report to a doctor if an operation is performed
    • Stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery

    People, after the first month of surgery, can not dye their hair. So if they want to dyetheir hair, they should do before the surgery. Having long hair will be an advantage in hiding.

    What should be considered after the operation?

    The drain placed during the neck liftsurgery is taken one day after the surgery. This is to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the region behind the ear. People can be discharged after the second day. There is no harm in taking a shower two days after surgery. People should not worry if there is numbness in the neck area. Although this situation is quite normal, it can pass in a short time. Performing ice pack after surgery is effective in accelerating the healing process.

    People should avoid work which require physical force. In particular, the neck area should be protected against possible impacts and traumas. People should consider that the area is very sensitive. It is very important to keep the region hygienic to prevent infection. During the first month after surgery, people should avoid sauna and steam bath. If swelling and edema occur in the area, people do not need to apply for any additional application.

    What are the risks of the operation?

    Bleeding and infection, which are likely to be seen in all operations, are among the risks of neck lift surgery. These risks can occur very rarely. If bleeding occurs during the operation, drainage treatment or blood transfusion is applied by the doctor without wasting time. To reduce the risk of hemorrhage, the person should stop taking drugs such as aspirin until two weeks before the surgery. Peoplewho has hypertension may cause bleeding risk during or after surgery. To reduce the risk of hemorrhage during surgery, the person should stop taking drugs such as aspirin until two weeks prior to surgery. People with hypertension may cause bleeding risk during or after surgery.At the same time, this situation can cause traces in the area where bleeding occurs.

    In the neck lift procedure, the probability of scars has been considerably reduced due to the use of developing technologies. However, some factors may cause trace. These factors are smoking and infections. It is possible to perform additional treatment in cases where the person has a sign that will be uncomfortable.

    Hair loss is likely to occur in the area where the hair is pulled.In rare cases, nerve damage may occur. The nerves that can be damaged include the motor and sensory nerves. As a result, weakness or loss may occur in the movements performed in the percentage. This situation, which causes the movements in the face not to be performed temporarily or permanently, may adversely affect people’s daily life. However, these risks emerge very rarely with the effective use of developing technologies in the health sector.

    People should not forget that it is not possible to stop aging in the neck area by neck lift surgery. For this reason, people should be aware of the risk that sagging may occur rarely in cases such as age progression, weight gain and stay long time under sunshine. The operation can be repeated successfully if necessary. Thus, people do not need to worry about these risks. It should be kept in mind that the surgery performed by a doctor in his/her field in a fully equipped health facility is very effective in reducing the risks of surgery.