What You Need to Know About the Nipple Reconstruction?

The nipple problems may lead to aesthetic concerns in women, can also lead to many functional problems. At the same time, the problems on nipple can disturbed women psychologically, solves with a very short operation. People who have this condition that can cause them to experience problems according to their self-confidence can often require for surgery. In a short period of time, they can prevent the psychological problems that may occur with the operation that provides permanent results. Especially women who are planning to become pregnant may apply for nipple reconstructionin order to prevent problems that may occur in breastfeeding.

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    How to Perform?

    During the operation performed in a very short time, the person does not feel any pain. First, the movement area of ​​the channels is widened due to the shortening of the nozzle head due to the shortness of the milk channels. In the case of nipple collapse as a result of the milk channels being curled or rolled up in an area, the area is initially opened up to the milk channels.

    Because surgery will be performed under local anesthesia, the person does not feel any pain during the operation. The pain that may occur after the surgery can be relieved with painkillers. People should consult with their physicians who perform the surgery before using any medication. Otherwise, any side effects can affect the person negatively. It is possible to be discharged on the same day after this operation, which is performed in as little as half an hour. After the operation, the person should take care to protect the chest area against bumps and traumas.

    Non-Surgical Nipple Treatment

    If the head of the nipple is collapsed, it is necessary for people to apply to the surgical method. It is believed that collapse by breastfeeding will be eliminated by most people. This is very rare. The infant who was initially forced during suction may prolong the milk channel in time. As a result of this occurrence, it is possible that the breast head, which is collapsed, is prolonged. However, it should not be forgotten that this is not the same for every woman. Therefore, it is recommended that people apply to the surgical method to achieve a definitive and permanent result.

    Things to consider before nipple reconstruction?

    It should be determined whether or not this condition is seen due to any disease in people who have a head collapse. It is known that this condition can be seen in some patients as a result of infection and cancer. In case of nipple collapse caused by any disease, treatment of the disease should be performed first.

    As with all surgeries, it is recommended that people should stop smoking in nipple reconstruction. Smoking causes late healing of wounds. Before the operation, people should report to the doctor if they have any medication. However, if any, the previous operations should be shared with the doctor. Before the operation, people should share their expectations with the doctor and get information about the risks of the operation.

    What causes to nipple problems?

    The nipple collapse that occurs as a result of some or all of the nipple inward, can also be passed as nipple inversion in the medical literature. Breast development in girls begins in adolescence. In the meantime, shortness of the milk channels leads to nipple collapse. This situation is not among the genetic problems unlike the thought. It is a condition that can be seen completely in all girls during breast development. The nipple collapse is not one of the conditions that can be seen later and which is the result of any trauma or impact.

    Nipple Reconstruction

    All women do not have the same level when the head of the nipple is collapsed. In some women, this condition is mild and does not cause any discomfort, while some women are at an advanced level and need to apply to surgery. Nipple collapse degrees can be considered at three levels;

    1. Mild: People with mild level, massage or pressure applied to the nipple will be sufficient for the tip to come out. The occurrence of the nipple spontaneously in these individuals can be performed very easily. Therefore, people do not experience breastfeeding problems.
    2. Moderate: It is known that most of the women who have a nipple collapse have moderate degree. It can be said that moderate collapse is present in cases where the nipple is exposed with slight force. As a result of the pressure around the tip of the nipple, the nipple comes out but a permanent result cannot be obtained. Therefore, people often obtain a permanent and successful result by applying to the surgical operation.
    3. Advanced: In cases where the tip of the nipple cannot be removed with any pressure or massage, it can be said that people have advanced collapse. It is not possible for these people to breastfeed because their milk channels are completely lost.

    Risks of the Operation

    It should be noted that there are also some risks in nipple surgery as in every surgical operation. These risks will be explained to the patient after the patient has been examined by the doctor and it is decided to be suitable for surgery. These risks are rarely seen as a result of the operation performed by a doctor in a fully equipped health facility. However, the patient should be informed. It is recommended that women who plan to become pregnant as a result of direct injury to the milk ducts may cause injury to the milk channels. However, people prefer to be operated prior to pregnancy because of their convenience in breastfeeding. This depends entirely on the patient’s preference. The patient is aware of the risks that may be seen rarely but there is no problem in the application of the surgery.

    The state of numbness at the head of the breast is directly related to the metabolism and body structure of the person. Although this situation can be seen very rarely, it does not affect the person’s life. Because it is temporary, people do not need to worry or resort to any treatment. Although nipple numbness is very rare, it may persist in some cases. However, the fact that it is performed by a doctor in the field of surgery will ensure that this risk is almost never seen.

    What Should Be Considered After the Operation

    After a short period of time of about half an hour, there are some factors that people should be aware of in order to avoid any problems. These factors that should be taken into consideration by the people who have an average week of healing, can be listed as follows;

    1. The patient should avoid physical activities requiring first month after surgery.
    2. Especially the nipple should be kept hygienic.
    3. Since the postoperative signs will not be permanent, the person should avoid using any medication or cream without consulting the doctor.
    4. Self-melting ropes will be used in the stitches to be applied during the surgery and the person does not need to have stitches. However, the person should be examined by the specialist after the first week. It will be determined whether there is any defect during the examination.
    5. One week after the operation, it is possible to return to the daily life of the person.However, it should be noted that the person should be careful.
    6. Patients may be required to use antibiotics regularly if recommended by the doctor after the surgery. These drugs should not be neglected if deemed necessary.