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Acne and Acne Scar Treatment

Acne and acne treatment is one of the cosmetic treatments applied to eliminate acne problems seen in everyone, regardless of gender or age.
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Acne, which usually starts during adolescence, can sometimes become stubborn and become permanent. Acne scars that cause unwanted problems such as scars, spotting, redness, especially in the face area and are not treated with acne treatment can also cause the person to feel psychologically bad. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove acne and acne scars, which cause self-confidence problems due to all these, with ordinary applications.

For this, the person should receive acne scar treatment applied in a clinical environment and performed by professional experts. Acne treatment applied to different body parts such as face, hands and neck allows the person to get rid of the problems permanently. So, what causes acne that causes discomfort to the person in many ways, how does it pass and how is acne treatment?

What is Acne and Pimple Treatment?

Adolescence, when the skin produces too much oil due to hormonal changes, is the most dangerous period for acne and acne spots. In this process, both physiological changes and acne spots, especially on the face, cause the individual to feel bad. However, when it is asked why acne appears on the face and cheeks, only adolescence should not come to mind. As a matter of fact, acne problem;

  • Genetic predisposition,
  • Overweight,
  • Disruption of body fat balance,
  • Unhealthy diet,
  • Insufficient water consumption,
  • Lack of skin cleansing,
  • Unhealthy environmental conditions,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Menopause,
  • Excessive sweating,
  • Spending time in an environment with high humidity,
  • Using the wrong cosmetic products,
  • Wearing a hat for a long time,
  • It may occur due to different parameters such as some medications used.

Popping the pimple is the first among the causes of acne that does not go away. Because playing too much with white, red or black colored pimples is an action that permanently damages the skin. Therefore, permanent scars caused by excessive pimpling or pimple popping require acne treatment, which is a more comprehensive treatment than usual.

Acne treatment, also known as fractional laser, is a cosmetic application that peels the top layer of the skin by increasing the skin temperature. Acne treatment, which is applied in sessions, removes the dead skin layer from the area while opening the clogged pores. Thus, it helps subcutaneous tissues to breathe better and accelerates young cell development. As a result, a general improvement and revitalization is observed in the area where collagen synthesis increases. Acne treatment applied regularly under expert control allows the person to get rid of acne-related complaints in a short time.

When Is Acne and Pimple Treatment Necessary?

Today, acne treatment, which can be easily applied to individuals of all ages, is one of the most popular care procedures. However; acne treatment may differ in terms of both session and application method. The main reason for this is the level of acne problem and genetic factors. Therefore, acne treatment does not progress in the same way and does not give the same result in everyone, but in general, it provides a great improvement in the complaints related to acne.

In order to receive the most effective treatment possible, the person should first learn about the types of acne and how to get rid of acne spots. For example; acne and acne, which are often used interchangeably, are actually different concepts. Therefore, first of all, the difference between acne and acne should be explained:

  • Clogging of the pores due to excessive oiliness, using the wrong cosmetic products, unhealthy environmental conditions, etc. leads to the formation of bacteria. This definition is the first one that should come to mind when asked "why does acne appear?" because acne is a common skin disease and usually develops periodically.
  • When it is asked "What is acne?", it is necessary to talk about a more chronic and frequently observed problem. Many genetic and environmental factors are effective in the formation of acne, which usually develops regardless of age. Long-term inflammations filled with pus, which are observed due to all these factors, are called acne.

Acne or acne problems can be observed in different parts of the body under the influence of various factors. It is very important to get information about the appropriate acne treatment for the person in order to prevent permanent scarring of sebaceous glands, blackheads or pimples on the face. Thanks to successful acne treatment, it is possible to permanently get rid of both inflammatory defects on the face and other cosmetic problems.

Facts to Know Before Acne and Pimple Treatment

Acne, which almost all people in the society encounter at certain periods, is a serious aesthetic defect and can sometimes greatly damage social life. Although such problems can be eliminated with acne treatment, it is important to gain some life habits in order to minimize the defects and prevent acne formation again. Especially the following issues that should be considered before acne treatment reduce the possibility of recurrence of similar problems:

  • Those who encounter acne acne problem on the face should not touch or squeeze these formations.
  • Especially the so-called blind pimples, which cannot be squeezed, but painful, filled formations carry the risk of leaving permanent scars on the face. Such pimples should not be touched.
  • It is necessary not to touch the places with acne acne too much, otherwise the risk of scarring increases with the accumulation of bacteria in the area.
  • An excessive amount of acne or acne may occur as a result of unhealthy junk food type eating habits that are rich in fat. Consuming plenty of water with a balanced diet helps to maintain the sebum balance of the skin. Therefore, nutrition is an important stage during acne treatment.
  • It is important that the aching acne should be cleaned by a specialist doctor and then treated with the help of acne treatment suitable for the person.
  • Blackheads concentrated in certain areas should be removed with in-depth peeling treatments or laser treatment.
  • To prevent acne formation on the skin surface, cosmetic products suitable for the skin type should be used and skin cleansing should never be neglected.

It is possible to permanently eliminate acne problems, which is a general skin disease, with acne treatment. Acne treatment applied in a clinical environment not only provides the treatment of existing acne, but also removes the scars caused by acne squeezing. In addition, since a detailed skin analysis is performed before the acne treatment, it is possible to get to know the skin of the person closely. Thus, skin care and cleaning products to be used after acne treatment can be selected more accurately.

Which Areas Are Acne and Pimple Treatment Applied?

Acne treatment developed against the problem of acne, which is an inflammatory skin disease, can be applied in any situation where the pores on the skin are clogged. Pimples observed in most people are skin defects that isolate the person from social life. Since it is generally not well known why acne occurs and how acne on the face passes, the resulting acne can become chronic or leave permanent scars. Acne treatment, which eliminates the acne problem that casts a shadow on facial beauty in a healthy and safe way, is an option that works even in serious cases.

Laser acne treatment is mostly applied to the face. All parts of the face such as forehead, cheeks, chin and cheekbones, where acne formation is most commonly observed, benefit greatly from acne treatment. In addition, acne on the back due to overweight, high humidity and using a backpack can also be easily removed with acne treatment. In addition, pimples and blemishes on the abdomen, arms and legs can also be treated with acne treatment.

With the treatment in question, it is possible to reorganize acne scars and acne in different parts of the body. However, in order to benefit from the most accurate acne treatment technique and to get the most successful results, the person should consult a specialist physician. Thus, it is better understood why acne appears in which area and the most appropriate acne treatment is planned.

How to Treat Acne and Pimples?

Acne, which is observed almost everywhere on the body, adversely affects the social life of the person. Most of the time, intense acne on the face leads to problems such as lack of self-confidence, unhappiness or depression. For these reasons, everyone who complains of excessive acne should gain awareness on issues such as "Why acne appears on the forehead" and "How to pass acne on the face". If home cleaning practices are not sufficient for this purpose, it would be more appropriate to carry out acne treatment studies carried out under expert control.

Acne treatment to control the amount of bacteria on the skin can be applied using a number of different methods:

  • In cases where acne on the skin is mild, medication may be preferred instead of in-depth acne treatment. In this treatment, the person is informed about issues such as "How to remove acne scars on the face" and "Why acne appears on the face" and gains a more balanced eating habit. They are also informed about which care products they should use.
  • Acne problems caused by hormonal changes may require the use of hormone balancing drugs. Peeling applications can be used to accelerate the self-healing of the skin.
  • Acne treatment can be done at home with the use of care products recommended by the specialist. Especially mild cases can be eliminated with regular skin care.
  • In more serious cases, permanent scars and stains appear on the skin as well as acne. For this reason, methods that provide deep cleaning such as laser acne treatment should be applied.

The acne treatment to be applied; It is organized in accordance with the skin type, application area, acne intensity, age, gender and living habits. In the meantime, it is important that the physician is informed in detail about the medications used regularly. Thus, the amount of inflammation on the skin can be minimized.

How are Acne Treatment Sessions?

Acne treatment, one of the popular applications of the last period, is organized according to the needs of the person and in sessions. Acne treatment using special laser beams is a work that should be repeated regularly. Because it is sometimes not possible to eliminate the spots and scars caused by acne in a single session. However, acne treatment, which is repeated at regular intervals according to the physician's recommendation, helps to achieve a radiant, vibrant skin.

Special heating and cooling techniques are used in acne treatment sessions, which usually last 30 to 40 minutes. Although the whole process varies slightly from person to person, a typical acne treatment session is carried out as follows:

  • The application area is thoroughly cleaned before the acne treatment procedure. The area is cleaned of residues such as make-up, dirt and hair and made ready for the procedure.
  • The acne treatment device is adjusted considering the acne density, acne type and skin structure in the application area.
  • Acne treatment is more effective when applied with carbon dioxide. For this reason, a carbon dioxide mask is applied to the area, which increases the effect of the procedure.
  • After the mask is absorbed into the skin, laser acne treatment is started and laser shots are made at the setting deemed appropriate by the physician.
  • The intensity of the shots directly on the skin surface is determined according to the damage condition of the skin.

Laser acne treatment, which is planned individually, is usually completed at the end of 3-6 sessions held every few weeks. The interval and number of sessions here is completely related to the intensity of the acne problem. For this reason, you may prefer to get detailed information about acne treatment from a specialist physician in order to find answers to questions such as "Why acne appears on the forehead and chin" and "How acne disappears?".

What are the Advantages of Acne and Pimple Treatment?

Acne and acne treatment; It is among the techniques that have been used for a long time and at the same time preferred due to its high success rate. Acne treatment, which acts on the skin surface and subcutaneous skin at the same time, is especially preferred due to the following advantages:

  • Laser acne treatment is the fastest option for dealing with skin color inequalities, stubborn acne scars and purulent acne problems. It provides treatment of both existing acne and old scars.
  • Laser acne treatment is also useful on sun spots.
  • Laser acne treatment is practical as it does not require the use of medication. The effects at the end of the session are observed immediately.
  • Laser acne treatment gives results very quickly when applied with carbon dioxide.
  • During acne treatment, the skin is given the oxygen it needs and special laser shots are made for each pimple, so that all skin imperfections are eliminated in a single session.
  • Laser acne treatment, which is among the painless applications, is the most suitable technique for people with a low pain threshold. Because there is no pain or aching sensation during the procedure.
  • In the laser technique, hemoglobin in the capillaries is targeted. In this way, the red appearance caused by old acne is also eliminated.
  • Laser acne treatment is effective on all different problems such as acne, blackheads, inflamed pus, redness, color inequality, skin puffiness.

Laser acne treatment, which stimulates the cells under the skin as well as the tissues above the skin, contributes to the self-renewal of the skin. As a result, laser acne treatment results in a younger, vibrant, brighter skin appearance; in addition, the effects of aging on the skin are reduced.

However, acne problems can be caused by many different factors or affect the person differently. Unfortunately, it is sometimes not possible to eliminate skin problems with a single acne treatment session. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult a specialist physician to get information about "How to remove acne scars", to learn the correct skin cleansing steps and to have acne treatment suitable for your needs.

Last Update : 22.10.2023