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Cheek Augmentation is one of the treatments patients have resorted to in order to feel better about themselves. Commonly referred as the “Hollywood Cheek”, this method makes the cheeks look more defined and livelier. Cheek aesthetics surgery has become a popular aesthetic surgery procedure, especially recently.

What is Bichectomy and Hollywood Cheek?

Hollywood cheeks are one of the aesthetic operations done to increase the fullness in cheek area. This procedure not only accentuates your facial features but also makes your face look younger. For this particular reason, cheek aesthetics has become quite popular in recent years.

Cheek esthetics is done by removing the fat lobules inside your cheeks. This procedure makes the lines on your face appear finer. Therefore, people who have naturally plump cheeks can have the look they desire through this surgery.

Number of Sessions :
1 Session
Operation Duration :
0 - 1 Hour
Season :
4 Season
Hospitalisation :
Sensitisation Process :
1 - 3 Days
Return to Work Period :
Anaesthesia :
Local Anesthesia
Permanence of Results :

How Bichectomy is Done?

Bichectomy, in necessary cases, is an operation which is done under general anesthesia. On the other hand, local anesthesia is mostly preferred. During the procedure, the surgeon enters through a small cut inside the mouth to remove the cheek tissues. The surgery takes approximately 1 - 2 hours. Although this procedure can be done quickly, you must have it done by an expert in this field. This way, not only will the operation proceed more safely, but you can also get the desired result. The following steps are taken during the bichectomy operation performed under local anesthesia:

  • Preparation of the surgical field: The patient's face is cleaned before the Hollywood cheek procedure. It is then sterilized. This reduces the risk of infection.
  • Application of anesthesia: Local anesthesia is applied to the patient's face. This prevents pain during the Hollywood cheek procedure. Anesthesia is usually injected into the cheek area via needle.
  • Making incisions: To reach the fat glands in the cheeks, the surgeon makes a small incision inside the cheek. These incisions are usually 1-2 cm long. Due to their small size, they usually leave no trace after the procedure.
  • Removal of fat glands: The surgeon carefully removes the fat glands in the cheeks using a tool. At this stage, how long it will take to perform Hollywood cheek procedure may vary depending on both the patient's needs and the shape of cheeks.
  • Closure of incisions: After the fat pads are removed, the surgeon will carefully close the incision. In most cases, stitches are self-absorbing so there won't be any trace after the procedure.
  • Recovery process: The recovery process after the Hollywood cheek procedure is relatively short. Swelling or discoloration in the patients' faces is quite normal during this process. It is necessary to follow your doctor's advice and take the medication prescribed by your doctor regularly after the procedure. You can also prevent infections by keeping the cuts on your face clean.

Cheek aesthetics, though not a serious surgery, carries some risks as with any surgical procedure. Therefore, those undergoing Hollywood cheek procedure should work with an experienced one for the best possible outcome. They should also be informed about possible post-procedure infections, swelling, bleeding or complications related to anesthesia.

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Nouf Ali

I just want to thanq doctor yücel for the rhinoplasty surgery it was good and happy for the results and waiting for the last results.

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Arzu Çolak

Ich wurde am 20.3.2021 vom Lieblingsarzt Dr. Yücel Sarialtin operiert. Sehr sympathisch sehr professionell. Der Aufenthalt im Krankenhaus sehr gut danke an alle 1 Woche später bin ich zurück nach Deutschland geflogen. Jede Woche bin ich mit der Assistentin Yagmur in Kontakt. Vor Ort und danach sogar jetzt noch kümmern sie sich sehr um mich. Was besseres konnte mir nicht passieren. Ich bin so froh und würde auch für die nächste OP wieder dahin fliegen. Bester Arzt ❤️ bestes Team❤️ Bis bald

Devamını Oku
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Seda Ceviz

I had surgery 2 weeks ago by Dr Yucel Sarialtin. I have been to almost every doctor in Istanbul, but this doctor is so spontaneous and gives so much attention to his patient, I immediately felt good. I've had a Tummytuck 360 Lipo and BBL! What a great result I couldn't have imagined it better! Dear people please find the right doctor!!! Because I also had the same operation in 2019, but this doctor mutilated me, and Yucel Sarialtin had to correct this again, which of course makes the operation more difficult. I recommend this doctor 100%! & of course his team also lots of kisses to Buse Bayram Aysegul who helped me through this period

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Niran Demetoğlu

Hello everyone I'm from Belgium I came to Turkey last week to do mummy Makeover with Dr.Yücel I am very satisfied from the service thank you all

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Elif Sena Kelleci

Er ist eine toller und einfühlsamer Arzt mit mega viel Erfahrung. Er nimmt sich super viel Zeit für die Beratung und hört einem genau zu. Herr Dr. Yücel Sarialtin ist auch nach der Behandlung bei Fragen oder Unsicherheiten immer erreichbar. Ich habe mich sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Mit meiner OP bin ich mehr als zufrieden. Ich habe eine Bauchdeckungstraffung machen lassen und eine Fettabsaugung. Herr Dr. Yücel Sarialtin und sein Team waren immer für mich da! Danke an das ganze Team. Die Klinik und die Leitung durch den Arzt ist sehr kompetent und genau. Herr Dr. Yücel Sarialtin hat alles was ein guter Arzt braucht und hat außerdem noch eine außerordentlich Top Persönlichkeit. Ich bin so glücklich dass ich diese Klinik gefunden habe. Kompliment in allerhöchster Form! Zuvorkommend, kompetent und höchst professionell. Mehr kann man nicht erwarten. Ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen!!

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Jihane Zaroual

I can only recommend dr.sarialtin and his team, his work is very good and the aftercare as well. His assistant Nagham was there for me every step of the way.

Duration of a Buccal Fat Removal Operation

Buccal fat removal, commonly referred to as an aesthetic operation involving the surgical removal of fat cells in the cheek, is typically done using local anesthesia. People with excess fat in the cheek area often opt for the 'Hollywood cheek' aesthetic operation to achieve a sharper look in that area.

The operation usually lasts for 45-60 minutes. However, this time can vary depending on the scope of the surgery, the size of the area where the surgery is to be performed, the technique used, the general health condition of the patient and the complexity of the procedure. Especially if the fat tissue located in the cheek area is quite thick, the duration may be longer.

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Cheek Augmentation Methods

Cheeks Augmentation methods can be divided into open and closed. Open bicechtomy requires an incision (cut) that can be seen from the outside of the cheek. Through this incision, the fat tissue of the cheeks can be removed, resulting in a more distinct contour of the cheek area. Open cheek augmentation is preferred for cases where larger fat tissues need to be removed and carries a higher risk of scarring after the procedure.

Closed bichectomy method has less contact with the incision made from oral cavity. Therefore, it leaves less trace. In closed excision, fat deposits in the cheek area are removed with the incision inside the mouth. Closed excision method is preferred in cases when removing smaller fat deposits is required.

The healing process after Hollywood cheek surgery may vary depending on the preferred method. As an open excision is a direct procedure, the healing process may take longer. However, closed excision may result in a shorter healing process. Yet, both methods may present temporary side effects such as swelling, pain or bruising. For this reason, it's necessary to get an expert opinion to find the most suitable method.

The Risks of Bichectomy

Like any surgical procedure, buccal lipectomy also carries certain risks. The most common side effects include pain, swelling, bruising, bleeding, and infection. These types of side effects are generally temporary and will heal over time. However, in some cases serious complications can arise. Therefore, it is important to discuss all risks and benefits with your doctor before having a Hollywood cheek.

The results of a cheek aesthetic procedure are permanent, so it is very important to think carefully before making a decision. There are also some things to consider after the surgery, such as swelling and bruising around your face for a few days. Such side effects should also be taken into account when making the decision, as they eventually pass.

Pre and Post Cheek Augmentation

The preparations that need to be done prior to the procedure, are very important in order for the surgery to be successful and to minimize the risk of complications. Therefore, it is recommended to stop smoking at least two weeks before Hollywood cheek surgery as well as to stop taking blood thinning medications and medications that can increase the risk of bleeding such as Aspirin. Additionally, limiting the consumption of alcohol and caffeine, doing regular exercise and following a nutritionally rich diet should also be part of the preparatory measures to be taken before surgery.

Before a Hollywood Cheek procedure, following your doctor's instructions can directly affect the success rate of the procedure. It is also very important to follow these instructions, which is important for your health. These instructions may include details such as meal times for the day of the surgery, clothes to wear, necessary documents and follow-up appointments after surgery. Ice can also be applied to reduce pain and swelling after surgery. Your doctor may also make recommendations such as keeping your head elevated while sleeping.

In addition to the preparations mentioned, you may need to comply with certain recommendations after the Hollywood Cheek operation. These recommendations may include steps such as adequate rest, respecting the healing process, and regular use of antibiotics and pain relievers. Your doctor will provide you with all the necessary information for the post-operative period and will direct you for follow-up appointments.

The recovery process after a biopsy procedure can vary depending on the general health of the patient and the intensity of the procedure. However, as the recovery process is usually fast, people who have undergone surgery can return to their normal activities in a short time. Some swelling and slight pain may be seen in the face for a few days after the procedure. Painkillers can be used to alleviate similar symptoms.

Cheek Augmentation (Bichectomy) Prices

Hollywood cheek is the name of an aesthetic surgery procedure applied to achieve a youthful look on the face. This procedure enables the cheekbones to be more prominent by reducing the fat in the cheek area.

The prices of Hollywood cheek procedure can vary depending on many factors. These include the general health condition of the patient, the experience of the surgeon, the place where the procedure will be performed and the scope of the procedure. Especially the place where the procedure will be performed affects the prices. For example, prices tend to be a bit higher in places where both the professionalism of the doctor and customer satisfaction are high. Therefore, if you want detailed information on the subject, you may want to get in touch with your doctor.

Who Can Have Cheek Augmentation?

Bichectomy usually done under aesthetic concerns. However, it may be done in order to fix health issues. For instance, the excessiveness of buccal fat in the cheek area may lead to health problems such as apnea. Under given circumstances, cheek augmentation surgery may help solving these problems.

Cheek augmentation surgery is popular for both female and male patients. It is a known truth that male patients also demand bichectomy for aesthetic purposes. Men, usually apply for bichectomy because they want their jawline to be more decisive and sharper.

It is important that both male and female patients consult to a specialist doctor before considering bichectomy. Thus, both the person's health condition and his/her wishes are taken into account. It is easier to reach the desired outcome if the mentioned point is taken into account.

Bichectomy is a procedure frequently chosen by people with both health issues and aesthetic concerns. It can be applied to people who complain about the roundness of their face and lack of distinct facial features. However, like with any other surgery, the Hollywood cheek augmentation may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, you can decide if it is appropriate for you by consulting a specialist before making a decision.

Comments From Those Who Have Had a Bichectomy

One of the most frequently asked questions by those considering getting a Bichectomy is what comments those who have had the procedure have made. This way, those thinking of getting a Hollywood Cheek can both gain more in-depth knowledge about the procedure and make an easier decision on whether or not to have it done.

Most of the comments about cheek augmentation are quite positive. People who have undergone the procedure have reported that they were pleased with the result. However, it should be remembered that everyone's experience, expectations and health condition is different. One person's appreciated result could be disliked by another. For example, the procedure of a patient with excessive fatty tissue could be different from that of a patient with less fatty tissue. That is why you can get more detailed information by consulting a specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bichectomy

What is Bichectomy?

Bichectomy is a procedure in which a small piece of tissue from inside the cheek is removed. This procedure is used in some dental procedures (for example, the removal of wisdom teeth) or for the treatment of salivary gland diseases.

How is Bichectomy done?

Bichectomy is done under local anesthesia. The dentist makes a small incision inside the cheek and then removes the tissue. The procedure usually takes a short time. After the procedure the patient can return home the same day.

How is the Recovery Process After Cheek Augmentation?

After a bichectomy, the patient may experience swelling and pain for several days. Additionally, it is important to be careful not to let any food escape into the wound (cut). The patient should follow the instructions given by the dentist and be careful about oral hygiene.

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