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How to Decide to Have Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey?
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The perception of aesthetics and beauty plays an important role in increasing individuals' self-confidence. Breast lift is one of the frequently preferred procedures in the field of aesthetic surgery. Breast lift surgery is performed to solve problems such as sagging or volume loss of breast tissue. Breast lift operation provides a greater aesthetic appearance for the breasts.

Number of Sessions :
1 Session
Operation Duration :
1 - 3 Hours
Season :
4 Seasons
Hospitalisation :
1 Day
Sensitisation Process :
1 - 3 Days
Return to Work Period :
1 - 3 Days
Anaesthesia :
General Anesthesia
Permanence of Results :

Why is a Breast Lifting Performed?

Sagging or loss of volume of breast tissue over time can affect the physical appearance of many women. It can also negatively affect self-confidence. Breast lift procedure is performed to solve the problems and provide the breasts with an aesthetic appearance.

Factors such as the aging process, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes can cause sagging breast tissue. With the effect of gravity, breasts can be directed downwards over time. This can disrupt the harmony in women's bodies. Breast sagging can also cause physical discomfort. Sagging breast tissue can cause shoulder and neck pain, skin irritation and posture disorders. For all these reasons, a breast lift can help to alleviate both aesthetic concerns and physical discomfort.

Breast lift is performed as a surgical operation. During the procedure, the surgeon reshapes the sagging breast tissue and removes excess skin and fat tissue when necessary. This puts the breast in a tight upward position. Surgical incisions are usually made under or around the breast so that scars are less obvious. Breast implants can also be used to add volume to the breast tissue. This can improve the results of a breast lift.

A breast lift can positively affect not only the physical appearance, but also the self-confidence of the individual. Women with sagging breasts may often feel uncomfortable internally and may experience limitations in their clothing preferences. With breast lift, the upright appearance of the breasts can increase the self-confidence of the individual. It can also help them adopt a positive lifestyle.

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I got surgery one month ago. I had BBL and liposuction done. I can highly recommend the doctor and also his assistant Sevgi. She looked after me lovingly and was there for me at all times and always answered all my questions. I was in the hospital one night and was completely satisfied. Thank you for making this big step as pleasant as possible for me!

Devamını Oku
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Elif Sena Kelleci

Er ist eine toller und einfühlsamer Arzt mit mega viel Erfahrung. Er nimmt sich super viel Zeit für die Beratung und hört einem genau zu. Herr Dr. Yücel Sarialtin ist auch nach der Behandlung bei Fragen oder Unsicherheiten immer erreichbar. Ich habe mich sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Mit meiner OP bin ich mehr als zufrieden. Ich habe eine Bauchdeckungstraffung machen lassen und eine Fettabsaugung. Herr Dr. Yücel Sarialtin und sein Team waren immer für mich da! Danke an das ganze Team. Die Klinik und die Leitung durch den Arzt ist sehr kompetent und genau. Herr Dr. Yücel Sarialtin hat alles was ein guter Arzt braucht und hat außerdem noch eine außerordentlich Top Persönlichkeit. Ich bin so glücklich dass ich diese Klinik gefunden habe. Kompliment in allerhöchster Form! Zuvorkommend, kompetent und höchst professionell. Mehr kann man nicht erwarten. Ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen!!

Devamını Oku
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Jihane Zaroual

I can only recommend dr.sarialtin and his team, his work is very good and the aftercare as well. His assistant Nagham was there for me every step of the way.

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Şule Yıldırım Koca

1 maand geleden ben ik geopereerd door Op. Dr. Yücel Sarıaltın, wat een spontane man en een super aardige team ! Nu al heel er blij met mijn Resultaat. Ik wil hun hier nogmaals bedanken TOP TEAM zijn jullie

Devamını Oku
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Niran Demetoğlu

Hello everyone I'm from Belgium I came to Turkey last week to do mummy Makeover with Dr.Yücel I am very satisfied from the service thank you all

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Nouf Ali

I just want to thanq doctor yücel for the rhinoplasty surgery it was good and happy for the results and waiting for the last results.

How is Breast Lifting Performed?

Breast lift procedure aims to provide the breasts with an aesthetic appearance. It is possible to understand the process step by step by examining the details of how the breast lift procedure is applied. Before the breast lift procedure, a consultation is performed between the patient and the surgeon. This stage is extremely important to understand the patient's expectations, for the surgeon to assess the patient's condition and create the appropriate treatment plan. The surgeon evaluates the condition of the patient's breast tissue, the degree of sagging, skin elasticity and general health status. It is also possible to lift the nipple under general anesthesia.

A breast lift is usually performed under general anesthesia for the comfort and safety of the patient. This ensures that the patient does not feel anything during the procedure. During the procedure, the surgeon makes incisions at predetermined points. The incisions may vary depending on the condition of the breast and the degree of sagging. Incisions around the areola and under the breast stand out. These incisions are suitable for patients with less sagging. It is a combined incision around the areola, under the breast and in the breast layer. The surgical technique stands out at this point. It is preferred for patients with excessive sagging. The surgeon performs internal surgical procedures to tighten and reshape the breast tissue. When necessary, excess skin fat tissue is removed and the breast tissue is placed upwards. It is important to take precautions at an early age. If a breast prosthesis is to be used, the breast prosthesis is also placed at this stage.

After shaping the breast tissue by tightening it, the surgeon carefully closes the incisions. Stitching techniques are used to leave less obvious scars during the healing period. The scars for the operated breast may fade over time. The healing process becomes less and less noticeable as it progresses. When the procedure is completed, the patient is kept under observation for a while and woken up. Mild pain and discomfort are normal in the first days. In breast lift operations, patients may be directed to use special bras or corsets. The healing process may vary from person to person, but you can usually return to normal activities within a few weeks. Full recovery may take several months. The results become evident over time. The question of how a breast lift is performed can be answered in this way.

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Who Can Have a Breast Lift?

Sagging breast tissue over time can be caused by factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes or aging. Breast lift procedure aims to give the breasts a firmer aesthetic appearance. However, it is important that people considering a breast lift meet certain criteria. Sagging breasts usually occur as a result of aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. Individuals who experience breast sagging and want their breasts to have a firm appearance may consider a breast lift.

Genetic factors can affect the tendency of breast tissue to sag. Individuals who experience breast sagging due to family history may also be candidates for breast lift. Pregnancy and breastfeeding processes can cause changes in breast tissue. After these processes, sagging can be seen in the breasts with volume loss. Women who want to restore their breasts to their former appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding may consider a breast lift. Rapid weight loss or weight gain and loss can affect the elasticity of breast tissue. It can also cause breast sagging. Individuals who want to restore their breasts to their former position after weight changes can get information about breast lift procedure.

Facts to Consider for Breast Lift Candidates

The general health check-up for breast lift candidates should be appropriate. There should be no hindrance against surgical intervention. Breast lift procedure may affect the results after pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy, it is important to consult your surgeon to determine the appropriate time.

Smoking and alcohol can affect the healing process. It is recommended to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption before and after the breast lift procedure. It is important for candidates to have realistic expectations before the breast lift procedure. The results of the procedure may vary depending on the current breast condition and body structure.

Breast lift can be an effective solution in the field of aesthetic surgery. However, it is important for individuals considering the procedure to make the most appropriate decision for their own situation by receiving consultation from a specialist surgeon. Since each individual's needs and body structure are different, a personalized approach is required. This detail should not be overlooked in breast reduction and lift procedures.

Points to Consider Before and After Breast Lift

Breast lift is a surgical procedure that aims to give the breasts an aesthetic appearance. There are some important points to be considered before and after this procedure. Breast lift should be performed by a specialist surgeon. Working with an experienced and certified plastic surgeon is important for the safety of the procedure results. It is important to clarify your expectations by having detailed discussions with your doctor about the procedure.

A general health assessment will be made before the operation. If there is any health problem, you should share it with your doctor. Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking certain medications may affect the healing process, so you should inform your doctor. Before the breast lift procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure. You should discuss the procedure in detail with your doctor to understand what kind of consequences the procedure may have. You should take medication as recommended by your doctor. You should also not smoke before and after the operation, or at least reduce your smoking habits. Smoking can negatively affect the healing process.

Loss of sensation after a breast lift is a rare condition. It usually occurs temporarily. Loss of sensation may occur as a result of changes made in the breast tissue during the operation, damage to nerves or tissues. However, an operation performed by an experienced surgeon usually minimizes complications.

Loss of sensation or loss of sensitivity may occur in the post-breast lift period, but may improve over time. Mild pain, swelling and loss of sensation are normal in the postoperative period. However, patients with prolonged loss of sensation are rare. Following the doctor's instructions and providing the recommended care with regular check-ups positively affects the healing process.

If numbness or loss of sensation persists, you should contact your surgeon. You should get a professional medical opinion to evaluate your situation and, if necessary, receive additional treatment or rehabilitation recommendations. The results of breast lift surgery may differ from person to person. The healing process may vary depending on individual factors.

In the post-procedure period, it is important to rest and act as recommended by your doctor. You should get enough rest for the healing process to be comfortable. Your doctor may recommend the use of special bras and corsets to support the healing process and to ensure that the breasts remain in the correct position. You should dress according to these recommendations.

There may be scars and slight swelling after the operation. You can try to reduce the appearance of scars with creams or lotions recommended by your doctor. Mild pain and discomfort after the procedure is normal. You should use painkillers recommended by your doctor. You should also take care to take your medication as prescribed. You should not neglect regular checks after the operation. Breast lift methods may cause the process to vary.

The time to return to daily life after a breast lift may vary depending on personal factors and the complexity of the operation. In general, the patient should rest for a few days after surgery. In the first days, you may feel pain, swelling and discomfort in the breast tissue. During this period, it is important to rest and use the medications recommended by the doctor.

Recovery continues in the weeks after surgery. Physical activities should be avoided in the first weeks and you should act in accordance with the doctor's recommendations. Details are important as excess skin will be removed. The healing process may vary depending on your personal tolerance, the complexity of the surgery and the body's reaction. It may usually be necessary to wait 1 to 2 weeks after surgery to start working in light jobs, but longer may be required for those who work in more intense physical jobs. Those who have had breast lift surgery should pay attention to this period.

The process of returning to daily life in a completely healthy way can usually take between 4 and 6 weeks. During this period, you should follow the doctor's instructions and avoid heavy lifting, strenuous physical activities and hard movements. Complying with your doctor's recommendations will speed up the healing process after breast lift surgery and reduce the risk of complications.

Breast Lift Prices

Breast lift price options may vary depending on various factors and may differ from person to person. The price of the procedure is determined by taking certain factors into consideration. The surgeon's experience, expertise and reputation is an important factor affecting breast lift prices. The procedure performed under the direction of an experienced surgeon may usually have a different price.

Nipple lifts can also be performed in private clinics or hospitals where surgical procedures are performed. The quality and location of the healthcare facility you choose can affect the cost of the procedure. The breast lift technique used may differ in terms of duration and difficulty. The application of different techniques may change the price of the procedure.

Some patients may prefer to use breast prosthesis at the same time during the breast lift procedure. The use of breast prosthesis may increase the price of the procedure. The region or country of residence may affect the price of a breast lift due to the different cost of living. The condition of the patient's breast tissue, degree of sagging and personal needs may change the duration and difficulty of the procedure.

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