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Hydrafacial is a professional care procedure applied to obtain a radiant, luminous skin appearance. The effective application is done to make the skin look healthier and more beautiful. Hydrafacial skincare is necessary to correctly hydrate the skin along with the cells.

First of all, it is very important to cleanse the skin at the desired level. It is also very valuable to adapt the treatments to the skin type in order to get rid of dead cells. Wrong applications can cause more harm than good to the skin. The method is often preferred in order to eliminate harmful effects. Other methods used in the application also increase the efficiency obtained. Just like the facial peeling, skin cleansing should also be done with care.

Squeezing blackheads on the face can lead to both inflammatory reactions and permanent results. Improperly carried out procedures may cause serious damage to the top layer of skin. Mindless beauty care practices will definitely not help with deep cleansing processes. As a consequence of incorrect behaviour, pores may fail to open, leading to an increase in blackheads, acne-like formations.

At this point, the HydraFacial process is used to make the skin look young and healthy. In addition, the pores are opened to allow the skin to breathe. With the privilege of the procedure, the care that is needed can be provided in one session. Thus, the HydraFacial effective renewal method makes it possible for the skin to breathe and moisturize.

Number of Sessions :
4 - 6 Session
Operation Duration :
30 Minutes
Season :
4 Seasons
Hospitalisation :
Sensitisation Process :
1 Day
Return to Work Period :
Anaesthesia :
Permanence of Results :
Usage Dependent

What is Hydrafacial?

The question "What is Hydrafacial?" can generally be answered as an anti-aging skincare treatment. The application helps to clear up blemishes and acne, while at the same time providing a noticeable and tangible rejuvenation of the skin.

Vacuum head used during the process helps to cleanse the skin with a special device. The advantage of the Hydrafacial option is that it is completely painless and without the need for injection-like methods. With the specially developed application, it is possible to renew the skin without any damage. Thanks to the Hydrafacial method, the skin will look like following:

  • Healthy
  • Bright
  • Young
  • Energetic

For those who want their skin to look better, the procedures are ideal. Cleaning and purification processes, like in neck stretching applications, should also be considered noteworthy steps. With Hydrafacial applications, successful results can be achieved in a very short time. With the procedures performed, the renewal and moisturizing of the skin become easier. At the same time, an antioxidant protection method can also be applied.

What did they say?
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I got surgery one month ago. I had BBL and liposuction done. I can highly recommend the doctor and also his assistant Sevgi. She looked after me lovingly and was there for me at all times and always answered all my questions. I was in the hospital one night and was completely satisfied. Thank you for making this big step as pleasant as possible for me!

Devamını Oku
testimonial icon
Niran Demetoğlu

Hello everyone I'm from Belgium I came to Turkey last week to do mummy Makeover with Dr.Yücel I am very satisfied from the service thank you all

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Arzu Çolak

Ich wurde am 20.3.2021 vom Lieblingsarzt Dr. Yücel Sarialtin operiert. Sehr sympathisch sehr professionell. Der Aufenthalt im Krankenhaus sehr gut danke an alle 1 Woche später bin ich zurück nach Deutschland geflogen. Jede Woche bin ich mit der Assistentin Yagmur in Kontakt. Vor Ort und danach sogar jetzt noch kümmern sie sich sehr um mich. Was besseres konnte mir nicht passieren. Ich bin so froh und würde auch für die nächste OP wieder dahin fliegen. Bester Arzt ❤️ bestes Team❤️ Bis bald

Devamını Oku
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Nouf Ali

I just want to thanq doctor yücel for the rhinoplasty surgery it was good and happy for the results and waiting for the last results.

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Jihane Zaroual

I can only recommend dr.sarialtin and his team, his work is very good and the aftercare as well. His assistant Nagham was there for me every step of the way.

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Seda Ceviz

I had surgery 2 weeks ago by Dr Yucel Sarialtin. I have been to almost every doctor in Istanbul, but this doctor is so spontaneous and gives so much attention to his patient, I immediately felt good. I've had a Tummytuck 360 Lipo and BBL! What a great result I couldn't have imagined it better! Dear people please find the right doctor!!! Because I also had the same operation in 2019, but this doctor mutilated me, and Yucel Sarialtin had to correct this again, which of course makes the operation more difficult. I recommend this doctor 100%! & of course his team also lots of kisses to Buse Bayram Aysegul who helped me through this period

Devamını Oku

It offers an effective skincare method that ensures micro peeling of the skin and elimination of all dead cells. Also, oils that cause pores to close on face, acne, and blackheads are completely cleansed. With Hydrafacial, wrinkles and fine lines are also improved. Color variations are also eliminated and treatments are conducted with the help of serums. Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and protein-based solutions are applied under the skin.  Its effectiveness coupled with its ability to be completed in a short amount of time has been increasing the interest in the Hydrafacial method.

What is The Procedure for Hydrafacial Skin Care?

For those wondering, it should be noted first that the method is said to be painless and without any discomfort. Hydrafacial accelerates the regeneration of cells and the strengthening of metabolism. Before beginning the relatively simple procedure, the individual's skin type is carefully determined, thus allowing for the most suitable solution to be used. Through Hydrafacial skin care, the skin surface is softened, as well as its pores. After that, cleaning procedures are done using vacuum application.

The degree of the problem experienced dictates the skin type-appropriate solution for nourishing the skin that is the second part of the Hydrafacial skin care process. The meticulously prepared solution is fed carefully to the skin before proceeding with the other processes. Through the radiofrequency-equipped head of the Hydrafacial, the collagen structure is put in motion. As such, problems on the skin can be repaired, enabling effective renewal. At the same time, the cooling head provides shock effect to ensure the solution stays on the skin.

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With Hydrafacial skin care, LED therapy is used in the last stage. Through the application, the pores will tighten. Additionally, the long-term protection provided leads to people being very satisfied. Hydrafacial technique is suitable for all skin types. There are no limitations concerning age, season or other factors when performing the procedures. Generally, the applications are completed in the first session, and the effects of the procedure can be seen.

What are the Benefits of Hydrafacial Treatment?

The question “What are the benefits of Hydrafacial treatment?” holds within it a great deal of useful information. It is critical to seek support in providing effective solutions. Hydrafacial helps to reverse the negative effects caused by environmental pollutants and incorrect makeup applications. It can also counteract the harmful effects of overexposure to the sun over long periods of time and to products which don't suit one's skin type. Deep cleansing of the skin is essential to utilize the application. If the skin surface does not get enough moisture, pores will start to close over time. If done incorrectly, the skin can become very unhealthy.

Hydrafacial is at the forefront of effective methods providing definitive solutions. The increase of dead skin cells in the lower layers of the skin is made possible through aggressive action. This results in a more worn-out and aged appearance with an increase in the rate of wrinkles. All the negative aspects can be eliminated through special processes. The fact that no special care is necessary after the Hydrafacial procedures increases the appeal of the process.

In approximately half an hour, the Hydrafacial will intervene with all of the problems. Not only cleaning processes, but also the elimination of the problems is very important. The Hydrafacial treatments make it extremely easy. Thus, the brilliance of the skin is inevitable. During the care process, the skin does not suffer any damage.

What are the Benefits of Hydrafacial Skin Care?

One of the most striking benefits of Hydrafacial skin care is that it can be applied to all skin types. The fact that it can be performed on people of all ages also makes it a preferred choice for many. The fact that there is no pain, discomfort or irritation experienced during or after the procedure also makes it a highly comfortable treatment.

It is possible to achieve long-term effects with methods that restore the skin without causing any damage. Along with deep cleansing procedures, the rate of skin respiration is significantly increased. The skin is smooth with Hydrafacial application. Moreover, with the softness of cotton, brightness is achieved, allowing for the desired look to be obtained.

Hydrafacial procedures also eliminate fine line formations. The system that eradicates wrinkles is an effective solution for balancing skin tone. It prevents harmful formations by tightening pores. With the maintained balance, excessive oiliness does not occur. Resulting in an increase in the skin’s elasticity, a hydrafacial typically takes about 30 minutes.

After Hydrafacial, What Should be Considered?

The reassuring answer to the question of "What should be considered after Hydrafacial?" is that no special care is needed after the procedure. The only thing to be done after the procedure is not to wash the face on the day of the procedure. No product should be used after the Hydrafacial procedure. Due to the simplicity of the method and its effects, you can quickly return to your daily routine.

The comfort experienced before and after HydraFacial skin care can affect people's decisions. Experts sharing details about the process and explanations easily clears up any lingering questions in people's minds. Furthermore, reviews of HydraFacial skin care shed light on the features of the procedure.

After the maintenance procedures are done, makeup can be applied if desired. However, with the vitality created on the skin with the hydrafacial effect, a flawless look is achieved without needing makeup applications. In addition, not using injection-like equipments according to the skin type provide extra convenience.

The vacuum system allows people to be very comfortable at the end of the process. As a result, those who get hydrafacials are very satisfied with their condition. The absence of pain and discomfort after care ensures that people are not strained. Hydrafacials can be chosen with peace of mind for skin renewal.

Prices of Hydrafacial

It is important to be careful when researching prices of Hydrafacial skin care treatments. Quality of the procedure increases with the experience of the professionals. The intensity of the Hydrafacial application also affects the prices. The quantity of materials used is also important.

Generally, single-session maintenance procedures are available at affordable levels. In addition, for treatment applications, it may be necessary to perform 4 to 6 sessions with weekly intervals. Therefore, there may be differences in prices. In addition to standard applications, using solutions suitable for skin types may differ from person to person in terms of fees. As with other skin care methods, all applications give wonderful results.

No adverse effects have been noted with Hydrafacial, which means that the procedure yields quick results. This allows anyone to avail of its advantages. Instead of wondering "Who can't do Hydrafacial?", it can easily be applied even on the most sensitive skin. Additionally, careful examination by experts ensures that no risks are taken.

Hydrafacial prices are included among performance applications. Quality service at affordable levels ensures that people are extra happy. Effective solutions in Istanbul specifically, are available to all those who demand them. Gaining incredibly bright and healthy skin with the Hydrafacial application is made very easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrafacial

Does Hydrafacial Work?

Hydrafacial can be applied to all skin types. Thanks to the features of the device used, a very effective care procedure is carried out. Acne, spots and blackheads on the face are eliminated.

How many Hydrafacial Sessions Should be Done?

The number of sessions can be determined by experts depending on the types of faces. Generally, one session would be sufficient at certain intervals. For continuity of the results obtained, it is ideal to do one session at an average interval of 2-3 months.

Is Hydrafacial Dangerous?

There is no danger or harm associated with the procedure. The skin care process of hydrafacial is done by experts in the field, so there is not even the slightest risk. For this reason, the procedure can be chosen with confidence.

Last Update : 22.10.2023