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Maternal and Child Nutrition

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In order for both maternal and child to receive balanced and adequate nutrition and continue their lives in good health, great importance should be attached to the nutrition should be given importance. Considering the health status of maternal and child, planned maternal and child nutrition programs with nutritional counseling are of great importance for the healthy growth of children. With proper training on maternal and child nutrition, progress should be made and mother should be made aware of this issue. Thanks to the developed nutrition programs for maternal and child, children can grow, develop, protect and improve their health.

Special programs for maternal and child nutrition should be developed by experts in this field. In this process, training on maternal and child nutrition will raise people's awareness and help children grow up as healthy individuals. If you want professional support on the subject of maternal and child nutrition, you can contact us right now.

How is the Nutrition of Maternal and Child Planned?

Mothers want the best for their children. Adequate and balanced nutrition of children and the fact that meals are not separated from each other is a source of satisfaction for mothers. Over time, children's tastes are influenced by both cultural characteristics and their families' lifestyles. In other words, children's diets are shaped by these characteristics. Therefore, it is important to take this situation into account when planning the nutrition of maternal and child. Therefore, children should be made healthy individuals from an early age with a proper and balanced diet.

Dietitians, who are experts in their field, consider many factors in the programs that are created for maternal and child nutrition. A nutrition program is created by experts in maternal and child nutrition, taking into account the age and physical characteristics of the children. After the children's body analysis, menu planning, determination of foods to be consumed and much more are planned by dietitians to support the nutrition of maternal and child.

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Why is the Nutrition of Maternal and Child Important?

Nutritional counseling is provided for maternal and child nutrition so that children and maternal can live a healthy life. The health status of maternal and child is also taken into account. Maternal and child nutrition is extremely important, especially for the proper progression of the growth process of children and the maintenance of healthy development. This is possible with nutritional counseling programs for maternal and child.

Proper nutrition is important for all people, but for children it is even more important. This is because it directly affects their growth and development. Eating the right amount and the right way is the key to a healthy life. On the other hand, nutrition during pregnancy is also important for the nutrition of both maternal and child. This situation enables maternal and child to live a healthy life.

In addition to this, the children acquire a much better structure in fighting infections through proper nutritional habits. It is also known that proper nutrition can effectively cure diseases. On the other hand, many studies have shown that healthy eating habits developed in childhood also influence later healthy eating habits. So it is extremely important to teach children healthy eating habits through maternal and child nutrition programs.

If you would like to learn about maternal and child nutrition or plan the process, you can contact us now.

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What Should be the Diet of Maternal and Child?

Although nutrition is important at every moment of life, it is even more important in infancy. Especially in infancy, it is necessary to pay special attention to the nutrition of maternal and child. The period from birth to 2 years of age is the time when growth and development are most rapid. Therefore, it is considered the most critical period for the beginning of a healthy life. Deficiencies in certain vitamins or minerals can cause growth retardation, which is very difficult to correct after the second year of life. Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness about the nutrition of maternal and child during this period. This awareness is provided by nutritionists who offer professional support for the nutrition of maternal and child.

Nutrition of Maternal and Child: What Should Child Eat?

Breast milk is the most important nutrient for newborn babies. Breast milk is necessary for the baby to be healthy, fully absorb all nutrients, prevent digestive problems and fight infectious diseases. For this reason, it is recommended that babies be fed exclusively on breast milk for the first 6 months. This is also the first rule for feeding maternal and child. The foods that can be consumed monthly as part of the maternal and child nutrition programs are as follows:

  • In the 6th month, the following foods can be consumed while continuing breast milk. Unsweetened pudding made from yogurt, vegetable juice or puree, fruit juice, molasses, milk and rice flour, ¼ egg yolk. For the preparation of all these foods can be used small amounts of cow's milk.
  • At 7 months of age, breast milk is passed. Whole egg yolk can also be given. Meat products such as fish, chicken and red meat can be started. Vegetable oils, vegetable purees and vegetable soups can be consumed.
  • At 8 months, breast milk continues to be given. Lamb or chicken liver can be consumed. Meals with ground meat and vegetables can also be given as purees. Also, there is no harm in eating red lentils, dry beans and chickpea pastes.
  • Even if these are accepted as general truths, the diet of maternal and child should be planned individually. This is possible only with the help of professional doctors and consultants who provide services in the field of maternal and child nutrition.

What are the Consequences If the Nutrition of Maternal and Child is Wrong?

Proper and balanced nutrition is one of the most important factors for human life. A balanced diet is essential for every human being. Starting from pregnancy, which is the foundation of human life, through breastfeeding and infancy, when the process of growth and development is rapid, to childhood and adolescence, adequate and balanced nutrition is particularly important. This is because the production of new cells and tissues and the development of organs accelerate during this process. Therefore, the need for nutrients increases during this process. Implementing proper nutrition programs from an early age ensures that the increasing need for adequate and balanced nutrition is met. This can only be achieved through education and awareness of maternal and child nutrition.

Developing proper nutritional habits from birth is very important for raising healthy individuals and building a healthy society in the future. Therefore, the increased nutritional needs for fetal development and milk production must be met during pregnancy and lactation so that babies can be born healthy and develop. This is possible by raising mothers' awareness of maternal and child nutrition through appropriate diet.

If you would like to start training on maternal and child nutrition as early as possible, you can contact us right now.

Last Update : 22.10.2023