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Mole Treatment

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Mole removal treatment is applied to remove mole structures that have formed for various reasons on different parts of the body. If these structures, which can appear in colors such as black, brown or red, grow or multiply, surgery may be required. The demand for this procedure, called mole treatment, is increasing day by day. Many people who are plagued by nevi in their body can get rid of their nevi with different methods of mole treatment.

Mole is formed due to the combination of pigments that give color to the skin. It can be said that this structure, which is usually in shades of brown, is usually harmless. Mole can be genetic or can appear later. Later mole should be closely monitored. Because these nevi can grow, multiply or itch in such a way that they disturb the person in the following processes. In such cases it is necessary to see a doctor.

Number of Sessions :
1 - 2 Sessions
Operation Duration :
0 - 1 Hour
Season :
4 Seasons
Hospitalisation :
Sensitisation Process :
10 Minutes
Return to Work Period :
Anaesthesia :
Local Anesthesia
Permanence of Results :

Nevi can appear from the age of thirty. They can appear on different parts of the body, for example, due to pregnancy, hormonal disorders, wear of the skin barrier, stress or harmful effects of the sun. If the nevi on the face, back, arms, neck or legs become more numerous and change color, a problem can be considered. In order for these problems not to increase, a doctor should be consulted and the necessary methods for the treatment of mole should be applied.

Is The Type of Mole Important for Mole Treatment?

Mole can be congenital or can show up later. The types of these structures that form in different parts of the body are as follows:

  • Acquired Mole: this type of mole is congenital. It can be said that these nevi, which increase with age, are generally benign. These light brown structures can be symmetrical.
  • Compound Mole: These nevi, formed by the union of several nevi, are slightly raised or dome-shaped. These brownish structures can sometimes be flat.
  • Dermal Mole: These dome-shaped or pedunculated mole are located in the deepest part of the skin. Treatment for mole may be applied to these light-colored structures in some troubling situations. Hair or redness may appear on the surface.
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The type of mole is important in determining what treatment method should or should not be used. Surgical treatment may be necessary if problems such as structural abnormalities, growth, proliferation, color changes, pain, bleeding, or itching are observed in mole types. This is because untreated nevi may pose a risk of cancer. This can complicate the treatment and recovery process.

When Should Mole Treatment Be Performed?

Some nevi that are both visually and health-wise bothersome indicate a possible cancer risk. Those that are small, superficial, light brown and do not grow are usually benign. But large, lumpy, rooted nevi can be dangerous.

In addition to some flesh-colored nevi, other disfiguring nevi are also dangerous. Especially if there is pain, bleeding, or bumps on the surface, be sure to see a doctor. If your doctor says the mole should be removed, treatment should be started before it is too late. Removal of mole is painless and effortless with the various treatment methods. For the treatment of mole, the procedure that the doctor considers appropriate should be performed.

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It can be said that the methods of mole treatment are gradually increasing thanks to the developing health technology. Mole are easily removed by both dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Removal of nevi from the face, as well as from the arms, legs and neck, can be done without any problems.

Different treatment methods are used for the removal of mole of different colors as well as nevi on different parts of the body. Removal of black mole is a common surgical procedure. The fact that a black mole is more visible than other nevi is esthetically disturbing. It is also dangerous for health.

Depending on the type of mole, there are different ways of mole removal. It is possible to remove small, large, superficial or deep mole in a single session or in several sessions. Especially the removal of small mole is effortless as it can be done in a single session. Due to the development and simplicity of surgical methods, the healing process is also very fast. Regardless of which type of mole treatment is used, the patient regains health quickly. Mole should be removed if it causes esthetic and health problems.

What are the Types of Mole Treatment?

Due to innovations in healthcare technology, the treatment options for mole are gradually expanding. In this way, diversity and convenience in mole removal are ensured.

Mole Removal with Laser

This method is the simplest and the most practical. Thanks to laser mole treatment, the person can recover painlessly and painlessly. This method is preferred by those who want to perform non-surgical mole removal. However, it should be noted that laser treatment is used only for superficial and dark colored mole. Laser removal of nevi may be insufficient for deep or pedunculated nevi. With this commonly used treatment method, it is possible to remove the mole in a few sessions depending on the status of the mole.

Plasma Mole Treatment

This mole treatment, performed with a non-electric, wireless device, is very convenient. In this method, the mole is removed with a special device. The ionized air in the device becomes plasma. This air is used for the removal of mole. This mole treatment is effective for superficial nevi. It is not effective for deep or raised nevi.

Mole Removal with Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency, a device that converts radio waves into heat, is used to treat mole. This device for mole removal is very sensitive. This mole treatment can be preferred for all raised and superficial nevi. This method may leave a scar after the removal of the mole, depending on the type of mole.

Mole Removal with Plastic Surgery

This mole treatment method is used for deeper and larger nevi. In this method, the mole is completely removed under local anesthesia. The patient is informed about the condition of the removed area after plastic surgery mole removal. With this method, patients often ask the question “Will there be a scar left behind?". After using this treatment method, the scar may remain a little bit. However, after recovery, the patient can take various treatments to ensure that no scars are left behind. For this purpose, after the removal of the mole with the plastic surgery method, the doctor should come for a check-up. Since it is a sutured procedure of mole removal, regular control is necessary.

Which method is used to treat mole depends on the structure, size and color of the mole, the age of the patient and the condition of the skin.

Mole Treatment Prices

Prices for mole removal are affordable due to the variety of treatment methods available. The price range for mole treatment depends on which treatment is to be performed, which clinic is preferred, and how many sessions are to be performed. However, in general, it can be said that the prices for a mole treatment are suitable for every budget. It should be noted that each treatment method has a different price. For example, laser mole removal prices vary depending on the session interval and mole status.

Prices for mole treatments vary from clinic to clinic. Client comments and thoughts on mole removal also help to change this. People looking to have a mole removed benefit from customer comments and experiences when doing their clinical research. Experienced, successful clinics that offer a variety of treatment options are more likely to be preferred. This makes it very easy to change the price range.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mole Removal

How Long Does the Recovery Process Take After Mole Treatment?

One week after the mole treatment is very important. During this period, when the healing process usually takes 7 to 10 days, attention should be paid to cleaning the skin and taking medications. Otherwise, this process may take longer.

Will the Mole Reappear in the Same Place After Laser Removal?

No, it will not occur again. But if it comes from other regions, it must be treated.

Does Mole Treatment Hurt?

It depends on the type of treatment and the size and type of mole. However, thanks to advanced treatment methods, the treatment is painless.

Last Update : 22.10.2023