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PB Serum

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There are many questions about PB serum treatments. PB serum, a medicine of Spanish origin, contains a certain amount of enzymes. These consist of the enzyme types hyaluronic acid, lyase, collagenesis and lipase.

It is developed in the Biotech laboratory under appropriate conditions. Active enzymes in the biological system of a healthy person repair damaged areas of the body to rejuvenate them. For this reason, PB serum treatment is used to heal and improve these damaged and aging areas.

Recently, PB serum treatment, which is mostly preferred by women who want to regain their beauty, has become very popular. Those who have undergone PB serum treatment have also been able to maintain this popularity. This is because positive developments show up in a short period of time and help the serum in question reach more people. After briefly answering the question "What is PB serum?", it is useful to examine it in more detail.

Number of Sessions :
1 - 4 Sessions
Operation Duration :
15 Minutes
Season :
4 Seasons
Hospitalisation :
Sensitisation Process :
Return to Work Period :
Anaesthesia :
Permanence of Results :
Depends on Treatment

What Does The PB Serum Treatment Do?

First of all, it is necessary to answer the question "What is PB serum used for?" The benefits of PB serum treatment vary according to the needs. Depending on the person's wishes and needs, it can rejuvenate, treat scars or burns, or reshape damaged and worn body parts.

Thanks to its safe and effective ingredients, PB serum treatment is demanded by more and more people. The reason for this is its therapeutic effect. For this reason, this treatment is preferred mainly by people who really need it.

PB serum treatment, with its rich and beneficial substances, is the first choice product for fat reduction. For this reason, its application in the areas where it is needed leads to positive reactions in a short time. PB serum treatment, known to prevent fat accumulation, is the best medicine in its field. The treatment, which is performed based on the accurate detection of the fatty tissue, brings the affected area into the healthy shape that it should be.

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Silia Lilia

Je tiens à remercier mon docteur, le dr Yucel pour son magnifique travail❤️ une équipe vraiment au top qui fait attention aux moindres détails soit à l’hôpital comme à la clinique, venant de France j’étais très bien accompagnée avec l’adorable guzdi qui m’a tres bien accueilli et tout expliquer et me rassurer surtout je suis très satisfaite du mon résultat même si ce n’est pas le résultat final. Love you my doctor

Devamını Oku
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I got surgery one month ago. I had BBL and liposuction done. I can highly recommend the doctor and also his assistant Sevgi. She looked after me lovingly and was there for me at all times and always answered all my questions. I was in the hospital one night and was completely satisfied. Thank you for making this big step as pleasant as possible for me!

Devamını Oku
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Nouf Ali

I just want to thanq doctor yücel for the rhinoplasty surgery it was good and happy for the results and waiting for the last results.

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Elif Sena Kelleci

Er ist eine toller und einfühlsamer Arzt mit mega viel Erfahrung. Er nimmt sich super viel Zeit für die Beratung und hört einem genau zu. Herr Dr. Yücel Sarialtin ist auch nach der Behandlung bei Fragen oder Unsicherheiten immer erreichbar. Ich habe mich sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Mit meiner OP bin ich mehr als zufrieden. Ich habe eine Bauchdeckungstraffung machen lassen und eine Fettabsaugung. Herr Dr. Yücel Sarialtin und sein Team waren immer für mich da! Danke an das ganze Team. Die Klinik und die Leitung durch den Arzt ist sehr kompetent und genau. Herr Dr. Yücel Sarialtin hat alles was ein guter Arzt braucht und hat außerdem noch eine außerordentlich Top Persönlichkeit. Ich bin so glücklich dass ich diese Klinik gefunden habe. Kompliment in allerhöchster Form! Zuvorkommend, kompetent und höchst professionell. Mehr kann man nicht erwarten. Ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen!!

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Zobbhan Siffeti

I did My cateyes and blepharoplasty by Dr yucel. And my assistant bedia helped me from the First day and she is very Kind Take so much Care of Her patient. They gave me a good Feeling and i am so proud of My result. I recommend the doctor and the assistant.

Devamını Oku
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Ubeyd Celepci

Just came to Dr. Yücel Sarıaltın the second time and was completely amazed and stunned to see his great work!! I am extremely thankful!

What are the Types of PB Serum Treatment?

PB serum types differ depending on the application area and treatment method. In total, there are 3 types of PB serum. Before you start PB serum treatment, it is useful to know these three types in detail. In this way, you can identify your needs and the importance of the area where the PB serum should be applied. Because the serum in question may be different depending on the region, and so you can choose the right type of PB serum.

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Low PB serum treatment, as the name suggests, is used for light areas. Accordingly, it is more often used on the face. For example, it is extremely effective in treating bags under the eyes. It is known as the first serum that can be considered for treating these areas.

Low PB serum shows its effect as soon as possible. The functions of PB serum are clear. It tightens the bags under the eyes in this area and ensures their rejuvenation. The treatment with PB serum is quite short. While one session is sufficient for this area, a second session can be performed if necessary.

Medium PB serum treatment is preferred to thin the fat-filled tissue or, in other words, to burn fat. Medium PB serum is the right choice to make the skin healthy by burning fat under the chin, calves, arms and abdominal area. Even though the treatment process varies from person to person, this problem may reoccur during the recovery process. Nevertheless, if you want to be treated again, the problem will be solved thanks to Medium PB serum.

High PB serum contains the enzyme collagenase. In case of more severe problems, treatment with High PB serum is appropriate. There are many examples of this, such as surgical scars, stretch marks, skin sagging, burns and deep wrinkles caused by age. Thanks to the enzyme collagenase, the old enzyme in the affected areas is burned off and new enzyme supplements are formed. Thus, the tissue in that area heals. The average duration of a session can vary from 1 to 4.

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How is The PB Serum Applied?

PB serum does not interfere with daily life and is very easy to apply. PB serum treatment is performed by injection and is not painful for the patient. It has no long-term effect. Moreover, PB serum treatment is preferred by many people because it shows its effect in a short time.

PB serum treatment can be applied to any part of the skin where it is needed. Many areas come into question, especially the face, decollete, hands, neck, legs and arms. PB serum treatment by injection gives the person young and renewed skin in a very short time.

What are The Areas Of Application Of PB Serum?

The areas on the human body that are not as healthy as they used to be, damaged, burned or scarred are suitable for PB serum treatment. However, in general, it is preferred in areas where fat accumulates and negatively affects people's daily life.

  • Jowl, below the chin
  • Wrinkles above the knee
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Cellulitis
  • Back of the arm
  • Inner leg

PB serum is generally effective in reducing fat. Accordingly, PB serums are the preferred medicine for people who want to tighten their abdomen. For example, cellulite, which often appears on the legs, arms and abdomen, is a disorder that many people do not want to see on their body. PB serum will be the greatest help to prevent cellulite, which negatively affects the lives of many people who suffer from this condition.

Fatigue caused by the modern world has become visible in the eyes of many people. However, the growth of bags under the eyes is not only due to fatigue, but also to advancing age. At some point, it is a better option to cure the bags under the eyes that makeup cannot hide. At this point, PB serums prove to be the most effective method. In addition, it also has a function that removes under the chin, namely the double chin, to make the face look more beautiful.

What are the Side Effects of PB Serum Treatment?

PB serum has no known side effects. However, there are some points that you should pay attention to. You should not go to the sauna, Turkish bath or sea on the days you use PB serum. You should also not exercise or do heavy activities that make you sweat. If you want to see the effects of PB serum faster and recover, you just need to pay special attention to the day of application. On the other days you can do any activity.

For Whom is the Application of PB Serum Suitable?

PB Serum is first and foremost a medicine. Therefore, it would be unnecessary to use it when it is not needed. The most important requirement for treatment with PB Serum is that you are over 18 years of age. If there is no critical situation, PB serum cannot be used. When used under the age of 18, no tissue will be damaged. However, the use on young tissue is not recommended by experts.

People who are disturbed by surgery scars, burns or large scars, people who want to heal negative areas of their body as they age, in short, people who really need it, should use PB serum.

In financial terms, the price of PB serum may vary depending on the size of the person's problem, and the place where you get the serum is also important. Yücel Sarıaltın not only ensures 100% customer satisfaction, but also very budget-friendly pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions About PB Serum

How many days does it take for PB Serum to take effect?

The effect of PB Serum depends on the evolution of the treatment, which is observed after deciding how and on which day to use the forms. On average, the effect occurs between 2 and 7 days, and the treatment with PB Serum can be done in 2 or 6 sessions every 2-3 weeks.

How many sessions are performed with PB serum?

Treatment with PB serum can vary depending on the problem and the area to be treated. If an average number of sessions is required, 1 to 4 sessions are sufficient. The newer the surgical scars or scars are, the more effective the first session will be. For old wounds, 1-4 sessions are appropriate.

Where is PB Serum applied?

Treatment with PB serum is generally performed on areas such as the arms, thighs, abdomen and under the chin. While the treatment process and the effects of the sessions may vary from person to person, maximum improvement is observed in the treated areas in the shortest possible time.

Last Update : 22.10.2023