Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck operation, which is referred to as abdominoplasty in the medical literature, is one of the medical surgical procedures performed to reduce excess fat and skin and tighten the abdominal muscles. As a result of tummy tuck, people have a flatter abdomen profile. Tummy tuckis preferred by a lot of people and it is usually the ideal choice for people who have tried their diet and exercise methods but could not get the result they expected. Tummy tuck surgery, which can be applied to both men and women, results in considerable success and after surgery, people have a change in their abdomen that will be effective for a long time.

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    What is Tummy Tuck?

    If the abdominal stretching operation is performed, a change may be observed depending on whether it is performed in the mini (regional) or full tummy tuck. However, the procedure is usually between two and five hours. It requires a longer recovery time than other medical surgeries. The person should not worry if a scar is seen after the surgery. These marks will disappear completely after about a year. For traces, peopledo not need to use any product.

    Do I need Tummy Tuck?

    Tummy tuck is ideally performed on people over the age of 18 with realistic expectations. An ideal candidate should not have any problems in their general health and should preferably be a non-smoker. The person should avoid smoking before and after the surgery. It is recommended that people planning to become pregnant should postpone the operation and perform it after a certain period of time.

    Who is suitable for Tummy Tuck?

    • No reduction in fat in the abdomen despite diet and exercise
    • Excessive fat and sagging in the lower abdomen in proportion to their body mass
    • People with sagging and loose abdominal muscles as a result of pregnancy (usually multiple pregnancy)
    • People with excessive fat and sagging as a result of aging

    People who do not plan to lose excess weight should inform the doctor. The type of abdomen after the operation is determined by your expectations.

    How to perform Tummy Tuck?

    Tummy tuck is usually performed under general anesthesia, but in some cases it may be necessary to perform it under local anesthesia. This is very rare. Generally, local anesthesia is recommended for mini-tummy tuck surgery. Because of general or local anesthesia, it is not possible for the person to feel any pain during tummy tuck surgery.

    Before Tummy Tuck

    When discussing with your doctor, it is very important that you determine your expectations for the tummy tuck. You need to make clear what physical and psychological expectations you have about surgery.

    After the necessary examinations, the most appropriate type of abdominal tension surgery for the person will be proposed by the doctor. As with all aesthetic operations, it is important to think about the consequences of your surgery and your health and long-term effects. Because tummy tuck is a major operation that requires a significant healing process, although it is dependent on the individual, you will need to be clear about the care required after the operation.

    Factors to be considered before tummy tuck surgery can be listed as follows;

      • Surgical expectations
      • Existing medical treatments
      • Whether there is any allergies
      • The effects of existing drugs, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco
      • Previous surgeries
      • Take the necessary medication and stop taking any medications that may pose a risk for surgery
      • Make the necessary laboratory tests
      • Avoid smoking before surgery
      • Avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements because they can improve bleeding
      • You should be aware of situations such as where the sections will be performed preoperatively, how to prepare for the operation in the best way, and whether you will need help after the operation.


    What are the factors that should be taken into consideration for Tummy Tuck?

    After tummy tuck, in the long term, the person will have a harder, flattering abdomen that is seen proportionally. If you care about your lifestyle, being active and adequate nutrition, tummy tuck surgery will present the image of the belly you want to have for many years. Remember to be patient and wait up to 6 months to see the exact results of your surgery. Tummy tuck is a serious procedure and the area needs time to heal.The patient may need to stay in the hospital for one or two nights after the operation. After the operation, mild pain, swelling and bruising are quite normal. The abdomen can be wrapped with gauze. The gauze is usually removed or replaced 1-2 weeks after surgery, the sutures are removed in stages for two weeks. The gauze can be replaced with a light support bandage at this stage.

    What is Mini Tummy Tuck?

    The doctor who will perform the operation before the operation will be informed about which type of surgery is best for you.People do not have any problems in daily life.If there is no excessive lubrication in the abdomen, a smaller incision can be performed by the surgeon and the person can undergo a mini-tummy operation.

     Is it possible to get pregnant after Tummy Tuck?

    Tummy tuck has no effect on the pregnancy. Re-lubrication may occur in the abdomen after pregnancy and delivery. If the person wishes, he/she may apply for tummy tuck surgery again.

    Is it possible to perform abdominal stretching surgery together with liposuction?

    Tummy tuck can be performed with liposuction. However, prior to the operation, the suitability of the abdominal region should be examined in detail by the doctor who will perform the operation. If there is no risk, liposuction may be performed during the tummy tuck surgery so that the person can achieve the most appropriate result.

    How long can I go back to my daily life after the surgery?

    The person should not apply physical exercises which require no power until at least 2-3 weeks after the operation. Mild and normal activities are usually possible within 6 weeks. In addition, if the person experiences long-term pain, swelling, abnormal symptoms or side effects, he/she should consult with the doctor who performs the surgery.

    In the beginning, it is necessary to rest for about 10 days, and it is recommended that you often take short walks in this process. After the surgery, the abdomen should not be able to bend, lift or tighten until the abdomen is sufficiently healed. You should put a pillow under your knees while you rest and sleep. After the surgery, the person should keep away from daily life and routine for three weeks. You may need home care after the operation so make sure you receive reliable help during the healing process.

    Is there any risk of Tummy Tuck?

    The scars appear prominently and are diminished by a year. The traces are lingerie and swimwear, which can be hidden with a bikini. Thus, the person does not have a bad aesthetic appearance and the operation is not clear from the outside.

    As with all surgical operations, there are some risks in the tummy tuck. These risks are usually seen as anesthesia-induced. However, these risks are almost never seen with the use of highly developed technologies in health care. At the same time, the patient is informed during the examination and necessary measures are taken to prevent these risks.