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Post-Nose Aesthetic Protection

Nose blowing after a nose is quite a relative issue. Nose impulse should be handled in a wide frame from the drops to the nose during showering to an accident that can be passed. People applying for nose aesthetics should be informed in detail about the blows. Otherwise, there may be dissatisfaction with the outcome. For this reason, it is important to inform people about the blows and act in accordance with the information.

Severe blows that can be applied to the nose after aesthetic may even cause the nose to break. This may result in breakage of the nose even in people who have not undergone aesthetic surgery. Severe strokes can cause serious effects even if the surgery passes over many years. There is a misconception that the nose will not be broken. For this reason, people are frequently asked questions about whether or not combating martial arts will cause any problems. Severe strokes in the nose lead to negative results regardless of whether or not aesthetic surgery is performed.

Things to be Considered After Nose Aesthetics
It is important to protect the nose against impacts after the nose aesthetics. But especially after the first week of aesthetics, the nose should be quite sensitive. Even minor blows to the nose during the first week can result in differences with aesthetics. This will result in people not being satisfied with their nose views. Therefore, it is very important to protect the nose seriously against shocks.
To protect the nose especially in the first period by the expert, the silicone is inserted into the nose and the splint support is placed outside. However, person should not forget that the nose will be sensitive for the first month. People who should pay attention after nose rhinoplasty can be listed as follows;

  • Don’t lie down on face for the first month
  • Avoid wearing tight collar clothing for the first two weeks
  • Do not mask or skin care for the first month
  • Not wearing glasses for the first six months
  • First month to avoid from carrying heavy objects
  • Avoiding activities that require physical afford for the first month
  • The first two weeks do not clean the nose with hand or wet wipes
  • Not going to the sauna, solarium and bath for the first month
  • The first month, avoid from swimming in the sea, the pool and avoid from sunbathing

People who have deformities in the nose after the operation should not worry. Mild deformations can be treated for the first month after surgery without any surgical intervention. People must consult with the specialist.

There is no harm in chewing gum, laughing, washing and taking a shower after nose aesthetics. People should pay particular attention to keep the nose clean. Otherwise, drying of the nasal blood and secretions leads to crusting and this may prevent breathing. Detailed information is given by the specialist about how to clean the nose. Warm water or ocean water recommended by the doctor should be used to clean the nose. If the ocean water is used, it should be expected that the water drawn to the nose will flow spontaneously. Then, using cotton swabs, cleaning must be performed without forgetting that the nose is sensitive.

It is very important for people to protect against nasal injuries after nose rhinoplasty. This situation is very important both to prevent any pain and to protect the shape of the nose. But after aesthetics, people should not be obsessed with the status of protecting their noses. Otherwise, people may have problems returning to their daily lives. When a blow to the nose after the nose aesthetics happens, people should consult with their specialist who perform the operation without wasting time.

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